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AccuDock® has been the premier floating dock choice for Camps and Parks everywhere for more than 20 years! Some of the reasons that AccuDock® floating docks are the ideal solution for enhancing the waterfront property at any camp or park is because of the unlimited configurations, ability to add any degree of safety features making the AccuDock® fully ADA compliant, the AccuDock® unique manufacturing process allows construction of a freeboard as low as 5" or as high as 98" to be attained, quality construction, ease of installation, and the fact that AccuDock® floating docks are extremely durable and low maintenance! AccuDock® is also an environmentally conscious manufacturer that makes sure to use the highest quality products that won't pollute or harm our environment!

Benderson Start Dock for Rowing

AccuDock® has worked with countless Camps and Parks on designing floating docks to enhance the experience of their patrons and exceeded each of their expectations! Some of the few Camps and Parks that AccuDock® has worked with include Yellowstone National, Miami Sea Aquarium, Universal Studios, Lion Country Safari, various State and government parks, day camps, and sleep away camps, and more!! Check out some of the Testimonials here.

Unlimited Configurations Rowing Dock Unlimited Configurations Swimming Docks Swimming Docks Unlimited Configurations
Unlimited Configurations One of the many things that set AccuDock® apart is our unique manufacturing process and ability to create any size, shape and height floating dock- allowing us to meet the needs of Camps and Parks everywhere. AccuDock® sales professionals work with every customer each step of the way to make sure the design of their floating dock fits their exacts needs.
AccuDock® Camp Dock Testimonial
Camp Dock Testimonials "We contacted each dock manufacturer and settled on AccuDock for a variety of reasons. First, Accudock took the time to listen to our needs. As a summer camp, supervision and safety are the reason we configure our docks the way we do. AccuDock quoted us on what we wanted. Other factors that influenced our decision were the pricing and warranty."
More Camp Dock Testimonial here.
New ADA Dock Install ADA Dock with Transfer Platform ADA Dock for Wheel Chairs
Fully Compliant ADA systems and Safe Launch Feature Any amount of safety features (railings, toe boards, ADA or OSHA specifications, etc.) can be applied to any AccuDock® floating docks based on required specifications. The AccuDock® Safe Launch feature provides the highest degree of safety when launching and recovering a kayak. The safe launch feature works with any of our kayak slip dock packages and is the perfect solution for Camps and Parks to provide an enjoyable paddle sport experience for all outdoor enthusiasts!

Low Profile Docks for Rowing Low Profile Dock for Swimmers Low Profile Docks for Kayaks
Low Profile Systems making them ideal for swimmers and Paddle Sport Activities Due to the AccuDock® unique manufacturing process, we are able to attain the lowest freeboard of 5" in the industry, making them ideal for all paddle sport and swimming activities. Whether you are looking for a low profile paddle sporti or rowing dock, a high profile floating dock that will sit flush with the hull of a ski boat, or just a general floating dock to enhance the experience of all your campers and outdoorsmen, AccuDock® has the perfect solution to meet your needs!

Safe Dock Construction for Swimmers Safe Swim Platform Safe Dock for Boating
Quality Construction Floating Docks
Safe and Worry Free Construction AccuDock® floating docks provide superior stability and durability due to their 100% encapsulated rugged foam core. AccuDock® framed floats offer added strength and stability due to the structural marine grade aluminum frame that surrounds them. In addition to the frames, all brackets and connectors are also made of rustproof, corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum.

Light Weight Floating Docks Dock Carried by One Man Team Storing Docks
Light Weight, Easy to Install, Remove and Store Each AccuDock® floating dock consists of high density polyethylene plastic which fully encapsulates a block of EPS foam creating an extremely stable, durable, portable, and safe floating platform. Starting at just 65 pounds, AccuDock® floating docks have unprecedented portability and can be easily installed and removed by two people.

Weather Resistant Floating Docks Easy Maintenance Docks Weather Resistant Docks
Weather Resistant and Low Maintenance AccuDock® floating docks require very little maintenance. Aluminum's natural protective coating and corrosion resistance reduces maintenance expenses and provides years of worry free use. AccuDock® work floats have a textured surface to provide a non-slip, safe surface and are white in color to ensure they stay cool to the touch even in the warmest weather conditions. Additional Decking Options are available in various colors and materials.

Enviro Friendly Made in the USA Proud to Recycle

Environmentally Friendly and American Made AccuDock® floating docks are made of recycled HDPE flat sheets that fully encapsulate EPS foam. EPS is recyclable and does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or formaldehyde which are harmful to the earth's ozone. EPS also does not produce contaminating leachates that pollute the water. Recycled HDPE creates no harmful emissions during production and also does not leak any toxic chemicals into the water. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, AccuDock® also recycles all scrap aluminum and plastic.

AccuDock® is also proud that ALL AccuDock® floating docks are manufactured, constructed, and sourced from the United States.

Being as close to the water level as possible is essential for some outdoor activities. Building floats using our unique manufacturing process, we are able to allow for a low, near the water freeboard without compromising stability. Contact Us today to help you design the correct dock for your camp or park.

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Made in the USA AccuDock® is The Ultimate Modular Floating Dock System! Our Floating Docks are Lightweight, Portable, Durable, and Affordable. We ship our Floating Docks to all areas throughout the United States, and Internationally. Call 954.785.7557 for your Floating Dock Today.
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