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Monthly Archives: October 2015

How to Connect Floats Post One

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1. Above shows the straight connector pieces and two floats – to connect floats together end to end, (two 4 X 8’s make a 4 X 16), or side to side (two 4 X 8’s make an 8 X 8).

The tools you will need are:

3/4 wrench/socket
1/2 wrench/socket
cordless drill with 21/64″ (if not available use 5/16″) bit.

Remove carriage bolt

slide in connector

drill out hole if necessary

Re-insert bolt – DON’T TIGHTEN YET – connector should be loose so floats are easier to push together.

2. Remove the end carriage bolts on the two floats to be connected together. Slide the connectors into the frame of one of the floats. Line up the holes in the connector piece with the bolt hole, and re-insert the carriage bolt and then the lock washer and nut – don’t tighten the nut until both frames are pushed together completely. (you may need to run a 3/8’s drill bit down thru the bolt hole – polyethylene expands with temperature changes, and make it difficult to re-insert the bolt)

3. Line up the connector pieces with the next float and slowly push the two floats together – making sure to push them together evenly – if one side gets pushed in too far ahead of the other side, it will bind and not go in. (you can apply a little dish soap on the connector to help it slide more easily)

Quick hole drill out

re-insert carriage bolt


How to Connect Floats Post Two

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Tighten the other carriage bolt that was left loose until floats were pushed together.

4. Push the two floats together fully and insert the second carriage bolts. Tighten down the carriage bolts. (run the 3/8 drill bit down thru the hole to make reinsertion of the bolt easier – as needed)


The first inclination is to tighten down as hard as possible – DO NOT DO THIS. Tighten the carriage bolts only untill snug – do not over tighten. Tighten the carriage bolt nut until the lock washer flattens out then another half turn. See video above – which shows the bolts being tightened to proper tightness.

5. Now you are ready to insert the set bolt/screws: Apply anti-seize to the set bots. Insert the set bolts/screws.


screw in set bolts by hand


6. Now tighten the set bolts – tighten by hand, then another 3/4 turn with a wrench.

How to Connect Floats Post Three

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7. Re-check the set bolts once you have them tightened – to ensure they are all properly tightened, as sometimes tightening one set bolt leaves others less tight.

Connecting the floats together is best achieved on land, or in shallow water. If you connect in deeper water – the floats must be kept level in the water in order to slide the connector piece into the adjoining float. If you are connecting the floats together and standing on the floats – it may be necessary to move back into the center of the float in order to pull the two floats together.

If you have any additional questions – re-watch the video above – or call Accudock at 954-785-7557. We are available 24 hours a day to handle your questions.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Why are there both carriage bolts and set bolts?

The carriage bolts hold the connector in position in the frame. The connectors were made a little smaller than the frame slot diameter, to allow them to slide in more easily. Tightening down the carriage bolt TOO HARD does not totally keep the connector from moving a little – due to the fact that it is smaller than the frame it is inserted in.

The set bolts/screws job is to push up on the connector and take any movement out of the connector. Proper tightening of the set screws ensures that the Accudock Frame System acts as one continuous frame – throughout the length of your dock – no rocking or pivoting between sections.

Failure to insert and properly tighten the set screws, will allow the dock to “wiggle” around due to effects of waves and water motion, and wallow out the connectors, causing potential failure between the connection points. Proper insertion of the set screws ensures you enjoy years and years of enjoyment on a very stable floating dock system.

Nathan Benderson State Park

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Nathan Benderson State Park Rowing teams and paddle sport aficionados will be able to enjoy this world class 10 lane floating start dock at Nathan Benderson State Park in Sarasota, FL all year due to its location on the sunny west coast of Florida. AccuDock® fabricated this 10 lane 425′ long start dock, which is the first of its kind in the world. The dock is affixed with ten 4′ x 48′ retractable finger docks and adjustable starting gate platforms that pivot to give each boat holder optimum positioning to the hull of the shell. This world class floating dock is held in place by four 45′ heavy duty aluminum control arms, as well as an 8′ x 25′ access ramp. AccuDock® also installed two 16′ x 80′ launch docks that were both made easily accessible by 8′ x 40′ aluminum ramps. See this amazing rowing dock in its entirety and how it functions below.

View Starting Dock in Action

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Oklahoma City – Devone BoatHouse

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Oklahoma City BoatHouse AccuDock® installed custom angular sections decked with Grey AccuDeck™ to fill in one of the 3 “V” shaped cutouts at the OKC Boathouse in Oklahoma City. In addition to the “V” Dock, a low profile portage dock was also installed. Even with the AccuDeck™ overlay, we were still able to achieve the low freeboard of 5 1/2″ – making the rowing docks at the Devon Boathouse extremely functional and safe.

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University of Alabama Crew

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University of Alabama Crew
In October of 2014, the new Manderson Landing facility for the University of Alabama was completed and a customized low profile AccuDock® rowing dock was installed to compliment the stellar architectural features of the new boathouse as well as the beautiful surroundings of the Black Warrior River. Every detail was thought of in creating this one of a kind customized rowing dock including an industry leading freeboard of 5″, three individual launch boat slips for the coaching staff, and a beautiful finish of Olivewood AccuDeck™. In order to compensate for the possibility of large water fluctuations, hoop roller brackets were used to attach the massive 10′ x 189′ floating dock to new steel pilings. A transition plate and additional hand railings were also added to the gangway to increase the level of safety and ensure easy access for up to two coxed 8’s at a time.

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Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta

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Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta The Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, PA is the largest intercollegiate regatta in the United States, so when they were faced with the task of finding a world class rowing dock, AccuDock® was the obvious choice. The 416′ low profile rowing dock was also fully equipped with an on/off ramp to make accessing the dock easy. All 129 universities were simultaneously able to access the riverbank and their shells with an ease not often seen at events of this size.

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Dock of the Month December 2012

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AccuDock® worked with Oconee Nuclear Power Plant in early 2012 on designing a floating work platform they could use in their spent fuel containment pool. To do this, AccuDock® had to send samples of materials to be lab tested for approval. The end result was an 8’ x 10’ work platform using all stainless steel metal for frame work and railings, as opposed to our standard marine grade aluminum. Oconee Nuclear Power Plant has recently purchased three additional AccuDock® floating platforms for some of their other containment pools.
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Dock of the Month November 2012

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AccuDock® has been working all year with our newly established exclusive South Korea dealer, R&C Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yong-Soo Park on numerous rowing dock projects. The first of many was recently installed – a 16′ x 80′ rowing dock with an 8′ aluminum access ramp. R&C is in the process of installing the rowing docks for the 2013 World Rowing Championships in Chungju, South Korea.
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Dock of the Month October 2012

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AccuDock® took on the challenge of creating a custom bridge solution for workers to access both sides of a tidal waterway in New Jersey. During low tides, the waterway would essentially dry up, presenting the problem of a floating dock bottoming out. Hinges were incorporated between every float section to allow the dock to take to the contour of the landscape. Our New England dealer, Custom Float Services helped assist with this unique project.
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