AccuDock® 5′ x 14′ PADDLEBOARD DOCK PACKAGE $2879.00
Paddleboard Dock
Paddleboard Dock

With the recent surge in popularity of stand-up paddle boarding, AccuDock® has come out with a package specifically designed for the sport. 70 square feet of surface area gives you the room and stability to comfortably get ready to enjoy your time on the water. Our 8″ standard profile height docks sit close to the water’s surface which allow for an easy transition from dock to paddleboard. AccuDock® also came up with a simple tall grab rail that is at waist height for an extra level of comfort in launching. The paddleboard package is the only package offered that comes with attachments. AccuDock® Slide Assemblies are the best attachment method we have, and create extreme stability.

What is included in the package price:
(2) 5′ x7′ x 8″
Framed Floats
(2) S-Style Connectors
Paddleboard Railing
Set of Slide Assemblies


New product from AccuDock!

Add a paddleboard rack to your AccuDock® floating dock. Paddleboard racks are readily available in 2, 3 and 4 tiers. Ask about custom spacing requirements if needed for your paddleboard. Any tier paddleboard rack can attach to the floating dock or to your existing seawall or wooden dock.

Paddleboard Rack
Paddleboard Rack

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