AccuDock® customizable floatation allows for you to design your own D.I.Y floating dock solution specific to your needs. All AccuDock® floats and materials are USA Made, Virgin high density polyethylene plastic, which completely encapsulates a block of EPS foam. AccuDock® floatation is available in our standard
white or black.

Yacht Cleaning Dock

"The Accudock experience was exceptionally helpful and trouble free – beginning to end! Can’t say enough about the dock. We love it. Thanks for all your help! The grandkids loved the ease of getting into and out of the kayaks and I loved getting a rowing shell on the lake."

− Will C., Glenside, PA

"A good experience for the Kayak Slip Dock from the initial contact throughout the actual shipment. Thanks for a great product at a fair price!"

− Robert W.

"The AccuDock Staff was extremely helpful in describing the products and costs placing my order. The 8x12 Kayak dock with safe launch was exactly what I wanted and fit my needs perfectly."

− Lesley G., Loris, SC

Are you building your own floating dock or designing a boat dock or marina and the standard sized black floats just don’t fit your specific project needs, AccuDock® is here to help!

Call the office today to see how AccuDock® can assist you in your DIY Floating Dock project!

Yacht Repair Dock
Yacht Repair Dock

Custom & Standard Size Floats Available
Order for your D.I.Y project or
Contact AccuDock to work for you in designing a complete floating dock
application for your project!
Black and White Floatation Always Available For Any Project!

Floatation Facts: The larger the footprint of floatation, the more stability you gain and thus allowing for more people and/or equipment utilizing the platform.

Contact Us with your scope of work, and we can assist you in providing a platform that will work specifically for your application.