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Please find below the AccuDock® “Dock of the Month 2014”. Contact Us for more information on these and any other floating dock from AccuDock®.

January 2014Location: Vero Beach, FL
Event/Club: Private Residence

This super sleek AccuDock® Custom Kayak Launch is an extraordinary addition to this Vero Beach, FL waterfront property. AccuDock® worked with the customer and installer to design a custom fit to the space perfectly. With the additions of the Safe Launch™ , SUP/Kayak Rack and the finishing touch of the AccuDeck™ enhancement in Ashwood; the project was a complete success and this waterfront home is the envy of the neighborhood!
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February 2014Location: Northern Palm Beach, FL
Event/Club: Palm Beach County - Pine Glades Nature Park

AccuDock® recently supplied a fully ADA compliant floating kayak launch system for Palm Beach County’s Pine Glades Nature Park. The ADA kayak launch and Gangway were installed mid January 2014. The floating kayak launch is furnished with an ADA compliant AccuDock® wheelchair transfer platform and continuous overhead assist railing. The AccuDock® transfer platform requires no adjustments or moving parts to set up; it just simply enables any paddler to safely and easily enter and exit their kayak/canoe at water level. Edge guard on the perimeter of the floating dock ensures safety for wheelchair access , as well as safety railings which allows this kayak / canoe launch open to all ages and ability levels. For more information visit AccuDock's ADA Compliant Floating Dock page.
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June 2014Location: Manchester, NH
Event/Club: Melody Pines Day Camp

"SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!" When most adults hear these words they often think of a well- known rock and roll song that is synonymous with fast cars and freedom; but when children and today’s youth hears these words, they start getting excited for summer camp and endless hours of playing outdoors. With the first days of Summer rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to highlight the AccuDock® Dock of the Month! June's Dock of the Month is the custom swimming dock AccuDock® installed at Melody Pines Day Camp in Manchester, NH. After having to labor through the daunting task of having to almost completely rebuild their dock 6 times, Melody Pines Day Camp finally decided it was time to replace it. After doing an extensive amount of research, Melody Pines decided that AccuDock® would be best suited to build the dock based on their high degree of customization and willingness to listen to their needs. Not only did AccuDock® meet their needs, they far exceeded them. Following is a quote from the testimonial Melody Pines posted to the AccuDock® website "These docks are sturdy, the grip surface is outstanding, they look great and they're super easy to install. Overall our experience was really positive, so positive in fact the following summer we replaced our rafts." Sounds like Melody Pines Day Camp has joined the ranks of the long list of AccuDock® happy customers! For more information visit the Special Projects page.
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July 2014Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Event/Club: NuStar Energy

AccuDock® makes sure to listen to the needs of working class Americans and is able to customize each job based on the specific request of each client. AccuDock® recently had the pleasure of working with NuStar Energy in Corpus Christi, Texas to design and fabricate this custom, multi-level floating work platform. This unique high profile platform allows workers to connect safely to barges using gangways to access the floating platform and their current fixed dock. The custom designed dual level floating platform required a 34" floatation profile to achieve the required 39" installed freeboard.
In addition to the custom floating work platform, AccuDock® also provided two aluminium access ramps, a raised stair tower, double aluminum safety railings and "Ashwood" PVC decking on both levels; ensuring a safe and long lasting nonslip surface for the commercial work environment.
The custom engineered pivot control arm that attached the platform to the fixed pier allows the floating dock to move vertically and laterally in wave and tidal variations without compromising safety or stability. The custom pivot feature in the control arm also enables the platform to be repositioned parallel to the pier into a secure stowed position when not in use. For more information on various Commerical Projects, visit the Commercial Docks page.
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August 2014Location: Roswell, Georgia
Event/Club: Saint Andrew Rowing Club / Georgia Tech Crew

Record flood waters on the Chattahoochee River permanently destroyed the St. Andrew/ Georgia Tech Crew wooden p rowing dock. This unexpected event, forced the St. Andrew Rowing Club to begin their search for a new low profile rowing dock that would meet the rigorous demands of up to 200 rowers launching and recovering their shells simultaneously.
After much consideration and research, the client decided that the AccuDock® low profile rowing dock would be the best suited to meet their needs. This low profile rowing dock, with a installed freeboard of 6", was decked in the "Beechwood" color of AccuDeck™. The textured non-slip decking provides an extremely safe surface as well as being aesthetically appeasing. To further increase the safety, functionality and stability of the dock, AccuDock® also affixed it with an 8' x 36' aluminum gangway and 36' aluminum control arm.
After months of using the dock; Phil W., a representative for the Saint Andrew Rowing Club, summed up his crew's satisfaction with the low profile rowing dock AccuDock® installed by saying "We couldn't be happier with our choice!" Go to Rowing Docks for more information on why AccuDock® rowing docks are the first choice of rowing enthusiasts worldwide!
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September 2014Location: Sampson Cay, The Bahamas
Event/Club: Sampson Cay Club & Marina

When the Sampson Cay Club & Marina in the Bahamas was faced with the task of finding a floating dock that would complement its gorgeous surroundings, AccuDock® was the clear front runner! AccuDock& installed a 5' x 182' x 17" floating dock decked in Beechwood AccuDeck™. AccuDock® also manufactured a 4' x 20' aluminum gangway to ensure a safe entry onto the floating dock from the seawall. The 17" custom height of the floating dock sits flush with the height of each boat hull being docked to make accessing each boat a smooth transition for every passenger. AccuDock® exceeded the customer's expectations in both functionality and aesthetics and was very happy with how well the floating dock shows off the natural beauty of the marina!
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October 2014Location: Eastern Shore Virginia
Event/Club: Private Residence

For many Southerners, Fall is their favorite season of the year due to low humidity levels, less nuisance of bugs, and of course the beautiful range of Fall foliage colors! October's AccuDock® Dock of the Month is an 8' x 12' Kayak Slip Dock that one of our happy customers had installed at his residence on Finney Creek near Onancock, on the Eastern shore of Virginia. This newly installed AccuDock® Kayak slip dock further enhances an already picturesque location and allows any paddle sport enthusiast the ability to easily launch and retrieve their kayak due to its 8" profile that sits flush with the kayak. An overhead assist bar is another element featured in this AccuDock® kayak slip dock that further increases safety and the ease of launching and recovery.
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November 2014 Location: Coconut Grove, FL
Event/Club: Ransom Everglades School

AccuDock® recently supplied a custom low profile rowing dock for Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove, FL. The 10' x 40' dock has a freeboard of 6" and was decked in Olivewood AccuDeck™ to match the 20' x 30' triangular access ramp. Additional floatation was added to the landing area to maximize stability and an aluminum transition plate was also added to provide a continuous slope and reduce the chances of a tripping hazard.
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December 2014 Location: Sarasota, FL
Event/Club: Nathan Benderson State Park

Rowing teams and paddle sport aficionados will be able to enjoy this world class start dock at Nathan Benderson State Park all year due to its location on the sunny west coast of Florida! AccuDock® fabricated this 10 lane 425' long start dock, which is the first of its kind in the world, and affixed it with ten 4' x 48' retractable finger docks and adjustable starting gate platforms that pivot to give each boat holder optimum positioning to the hull of the shell. This world class floating dock is held in place by four 45' heavy duty aluminum control arms, as well as a 8' x 25' access ramp. AccuDock® also installed two 16' x 80' launch docks that were both made easily accessible by 8' x 40' aluminum ramps.
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