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AccuPort – PWC Floating Docks

By October 3, 2015 Home

AccuPort PWC Jet Ski DockThe AccuPort is the ultimate PWC Jet Ski floating dock with its universal hull support. There are 12 rollers complete with 30 different adjustment variations, removable bow stop with tie off clip and the ability to be connected to each other, any floating or fixed dock as well as a stand-alone application.

With a maximum weight capacity of 2,500 pounds, there is literally no personal watercraft on the market that can’t be accommodated by this superior PWC dock. The AccuPort is by far the best choice in available PWC docking options.

The AccuPort PWC Jet Ski Dock provides the smoothest transition from the water to your PWC dock because you simply just drive on and step off. Its 6′ x 12′-8″ dimension provides every enthusiast plenty of surface area in order to safely dismount from their PWC. The non-slip surface and cool white color further enhances the safety and aesthetic appeal of the AccuPort PWC Jet Ski Dock.