ADA Compliant Docks
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AccuDock manufactures a complete line of floating docks, ramps and gangways that all meet current ADA (American Disabilities Act) specifications. AccuDock has several unique features that can be added to our floating docks, making them fully ADA compliant, to ensure all outdoor enthusiasts are able to enjoy the water. Our ADA Transfer Platform and Safe Launch Systems for Kayaking and Canoeing offer an even further degree of safety.

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ADA Compliant Transfer PlatformUnique only to AccuDock® is the ADA Compliant Transfer Platform for ADA Kayak and Canoe launch docks. The design and placement of the ADA Transfer Platform provides safe, easy, stable access to and from the water. The ADA accessible floating launch dock and ADA Gangway allows paddlers of all ages and abilities to access the water safely.
ADA Compliant Kayak and Canoe Launch DocksAccuDock® has facilitated multiple government agency projects for National Park locations, DOI, FWS and various public marinas using the ADA Compliant Kayak and Canoe Launch docks. The standard sizes available are 12’x18’w/ transfer platform and 3’ x 8’ safe launch, 16’ x 18’ with transfer platform and a 3’ x 12’ safe launch and a 16’ x 26’ with transfer platform and a 3’ x 12’ safe launch. ADA accessible Canoe Launch docks require a 4’ x 12’ canoe slip with an overhead assist bar. ADA floating docks can be customized for any location. There is no maximum space requirement.
ADA Compliant Gangways and RailsAccuDock Floating Kayak and Paddlesport ADA Compliant launch docks allow safe and easy access in and out of the water. The AccuDock® wheelchair ADA Compliant transfer platform, Kayak and Canoe assist bars, and Safe-Launch Kayak/Canoe platform has proven to be a great asset to those who require ADA Compliant Dock applications. Having the freedom to launch kayaks and canoes safely with little or no assistance of others. AccuDock® offers ADA Specification Packages for Government Agencies interested in Solicitations and Procurement of ADA Kayak Launch and ADA Gangway Ramp projects. AccuDock® ADA Accessible Gangway requirements meet the specifications for accessible routes, and Chapter 10: recreation facilities as to the length, slant ratio, railing size, height, scope, edge protection and continuous handrail extension and transition plates.