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Assemble Post Three

By October 10, 2015 Floating Docks
AccuDock Positioning

If the two slides are not “plumb” the dock cannot slide up and down smoothly and easily and may get caught or bound up.

Make sure the slide is in the 12 o’clock position on the front of the piling and is “Plumb” (straight up and down), check this with your level.

STEP 5 Pre-drill one top hole. Piling mount, pre-drill a 3/8″ hole a minimum of 6″ deep. Seawall mount, pre-drill a 1/2″ hole with your cement bit a minimum 7″ deep.


STEP 6 Put in your bolt or wedge anchor about half way in so that you can still adjust the mount easily and adjust it so that it is plumb on both the sides and front. Drill and put in the second bolt or wedge anchor and tighten them down ensuring that it is still plumb.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

You should now have the top of the slide bolted onto the seawall or piling and plumb.

STEP 7 Next, the bottom extension of the slide assembly will be affixed to the piling/seawall. Pilings and seawalls are rarely plumb or flat even surfaces and most pilings are “wider” near the top. The bottom extension has an adjustable plate to allow for these differences and to make it easier during the installation to keep the slide plumb.

As the bottom plate is adjustable, you may want to use a clamp to hold the adjustable plate together while measuring to drill, ensuring the entire slide will be plumb when fully installed to the piling or seawall.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

When you are done with step 7 – both mounts will be securely attached to the seawall or piling.