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Ease of Installation and Portability

By October 7, 2015 Floating Docks

Ease of installation / removal and portability: AccuDock® floating docks and swim platforms are lightweight, portable, and easy to install. Seventy five percent of AccuDock® applications are self-installed by the customer. The ease of installation, removal, and portability of each AccuDock® float section enables our customers and/ or homeowners the ability to easily remove the dock during cold winter months so that it may be safely stored away to prevent ice damage

Rugged design and durability: Our unique manufacturing process using long lasting HDPE flat sheets enable us to manufacture the only floating dock sections on the market where uniformity of wall thickness can be guaranteed and there won’t be any weak or thin spots anywhere. AccuDock® fully framed aluminum floating docks are made with 6000 series marine grade aluminum and use rugged stainless steel connectors to attach each float section together making them resistant to the severe weather conditions that are often present in marine environments. AccuDock® floating docks and swim platforms provide endless years of worry free enjoyment because they won’t rot, splinter, or peel!

Rugged design and durability
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