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High level of Safety

By October 7, 2015 Floating Docks

High level of Safety: AccuDock® floating swim platforms offer the highest degree of safety due to the fact that high density expanded polystyrene foam blocks are used for each float’s core, making them virtually unsinkable. The density of the expanded foam core can also be customized based on the install requirements of each floating dock and swim platform, truly providing an unparalleled level of safety and durability as well as the highest buoyancy rating of any low profile floating dock on the market. For instance, a 5′ x 8′ x 6″ AccuDock® float section has a buoyancy rating of just under 1000 lbs.!

Degree of Customization: AccuDock® specializes in assessing your water access needs and developing a floating dock solution that best allows you to take full advantage of all a life on the water has to offer! Our team of experienced sales professionals, engineers, and design team take pride in ensuring that each and every customer is beyond satisfied with their AccuDock®! The number of customization choices available to AccuDock® customers is endless; including but not limited to its shape, height, decking material, Accessories, and size. Please Contact one of our knowledgeable sales professionals today to determine what options best meet your unique design and installation requirements.

Gangways and ramps: Custom designed Gangways and Ramps are also often added so that people of all abilities are able to easily access their floating dock and/or swim platform.


AccuDock® swimming platforms / swimming docks with aluminum gangways for easy access