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Historical Place Preservation

By September 9, 2015
Work Float

Historical Place Preservation wrote on November 24th, 2008.
Just got a floating work dock donated from AccuDock! Woo! Now we can paint the base in the spring and maybe use it as a little floating pier between the boat and ladder.

Historical Place Preservation
Baltimore Harbor, Maryland

Historical Place Preservation
Shark Dive Platform

We’d like to send a big “thank you!” out to Kim and the rest of the team at AccuDock, for designing and building us one heck of a San Francisco shark dive platform and doing it in less than a week.

If you’re looking for a custom floating dock for your boat, jet ski, kayak or seaplane, we encourage you to give our friends at AccuDock a call. They’re based in Florida but ship just about anywhere.

Jane Reifert
President, Incredible Adventures, Inc.
800-644-7382 / 941-346-2603

Rental Floats

The rental floats worked great and are in a van on the way back for return Friday morning. I’m sure i’ll be calling on you again in the future.
Thanks for your help with our project.
Warm Regards,
Bettina R. August
Freelance Producer