Confidence in Choosing AccuDock

AccuDock offers you a limited warranty on plastics, aluminum and workmanship we are confident in and stand behind our products. Our docks are lightweight and portable which offers ease of self-installation.


AccuDock offers customization to your floating dock solutions; our unique manufacturing process allows us to cater to kayaker’s and rower’s, providing them with floats with as little as a 5″ profile surface height above the water surface. AccuDock remains the global leader in the floating dock market, who can manufacture floating docks as little as 5″ and up to 98″ in height. Our floating docks are currently offered in white, however with our AccuDeck® design, you can deck your floating dock with any type of wood, aluminum or 100% PVC material.


Our present and previous customers are thrilled to now have the options we offer. Great for HOA or community boards who require a variety of aesthetic appearances of a new floating dock on the property. AccuDock floating dock products are unsinkable; the Polystyrene foam inside the float adds an additional safety factor to your floating dock or marina.