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Dock of the Month September 2014

By November 3, 2015 DOCK OF THE MONTH 2014

When the Sampson Cay Club & Marina in the Bahamas was faced with the task of finding a floating dock that would complement its gorgeous surroundings, AccuDock® was the clear front runner! AccuDock& installed a 5′ x 182′ x 17″ floating dock decked in Beechwood AccuDeck™. AccuDock® also manufactured a 4′ x 20′ aluminum gangway to ensure a safe entry onto the floating dock from the seawall. The 17″ custom height of the floating dock sits flush with the height of each boat hull being docked to make accessing each boat a smooth transition for every passenger. AccuDock® exceeded the customer’s expectations in both functionality and aesthetics and was very happy with how well the floating dock shows off the natural beauty of the marina!
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