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Dock of the Month August 2014

By November 3, 2015 DOCK OF THE MONTH 2014

Record flood waters on the Chattahoochee River permanently destroyed the St. Andrew/ Georgia Tech Crew wooden p rowing dock. This unexpected event, forced the St. Andrew Rowing Club to begin their search for a new low profile rowing dock that would meet the rigorous demands of up to 200 rowers launching and recovering their shells simultaneously.
After much consideration and research, the client decided that the AccuDock® low profile rowing dock would be the best suited to meet their needs. This low profile rowing dock, with a installed freeboard of 6″, was decked in the “Beechwood” color of AccuDeck™. The textured non-slip decking provides an extremely safe surface as well as being aesthetically appeasing. To further increase the safety, functionality and stability of the dock, AccuDock® also affixed it with an 8′ x 36′ aluminum gangway and 36′ aluminum control arm.
After months of using the dock; Phil W., a representative for the Saint Andrew Rowing Club, summed up his crew’s satisfaction with the low profile rowing dock AccuDock® installed by saying “We couldn’t be happier with our choice!” Go to Rowing Docks for more information on why AccuDock® rowing docks are the first choice of rowing enthusiasts worldwide!
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