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Dock of the Month July 2014

By November 3, 2015 DOCK OF THE MONTH 2014

AccuDock® makes sure to listen to the needs of working class Americans and is able to customize each job based on the specific request of each client. AccuDock® recently had the pleasure of working with NuStar Energy in Corpus Christi, Texas to design and fabricate this custom, multi-level floating work platform. This unique high profile platform allows workers to connect safely to barges using gangways to access the floating platform and their current fixed dock. The custom designed dual level floating platform required a 34″ floatation profile to achieve the required 39″ installed freeboard.
In addition to the custom floating work platform, AccuDock® also provided two aluminium access ramps, a raised stair tower, double aluminum safety railings and “Ashwood” PVC decking on both levels; ensuring a safe and long lasting nonslip surface for the commercial work environment.
The custom engineered pivot control arm that attached the platform to the fixed pier allows the floating dock to move vertically and laterally in wave and tidal variations without compromising safety or stability. The custom pivot feature in the control arm also enables the platform to be repositioned parallel to the pier into a secure stowed position when not in use. For more information on various Commerical Projects, visit the Commercial Docks page.
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