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Dock of the Month June 2014

By November 3, 2015 DOCK OF THE MONTH 2014

“SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!” When most adults hear these words they often think of a well- known rock and roll song that is synonymous with fast cars and freedom; but when children and today’s youth hears these words, they start getting excited for summer camp and endless hours of playing outdoors. With the first days of Summer rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to highlight the AccuDock® Dock of the Month! June’s Dock of the Month is the custom swimming dock AccuDock® installed at Melody Pines Day Camp in Manchester, NH. After having to labor through the daunting task of having to almost completely rebuild their dock 6 times, Melody Pines Day Camp finally decided it was time to replace it. After doing an extensive amount of research, Melody Pines decided that AccuDock® would be best suited to build the dock based on their high degree of customization and willingness to listen to their needs. Not only did AccuDock® meet their needs, they far exceeded them. Following is a quote from the testimonial Melody Pines posted to the AccuDock® website “These docks are sturdy, the grip surface is outstanding, they look great and they’re super easy to install. Overall our experience was really positive, so positive in fact the following summer we replaced our rafts.” Sounds like Melody Pines Day Camp has joined the ranks of the long list of AccuDock® happy customers! For more information visit the Special Projects page.
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