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Dock of the Month February 2014

By November 3, 2015 DOCK OF THE MONTH 2014

AccuDock® recently supplied a fully ADA compliant floating kayak launch system for Palm Beach County’s Pine Glades Nature Park. The ADA kayak launch and Gangway were installed mid January 2014. The floating kayak launch is furnished with an ADA compliant AccuDock® wheelchair transfer platform and continuous overhead assist railing. The AccuDock® transfer platform requires no adjustments or moving parts to set up; it just simply enables any paddler to safely and easily enter and exit their kayak/canoe at water level. Edge guard on the perimeter of the floating dock ensures safety for wheelchair access , as well as safety railings which allows this kayak / canoe launch open to all ages and ability levels. For more information visit AccuDock’s ADA Compliant Floating Dock page.
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