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January February 2015

By September 14, 2015
February 2015
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Event/Club: Private HomeS
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We are in LOVE with this month’s AccuDock® Dock of the Month! Check out this beautiful 14′ x 15′ custom Catamaran Dock with two roller brackets, a winch, and two smooth plastic runners to ensure that the Catamaran is able to be easily hoisted onto the floating dock without the hull being scratched. This residential customer was clearly impressed in stating that “This worked out great. The boat sits well balanced and is easy to pull on using the winch single handed.” Further compliments were given to our installer, Broward Dock and Seawall, in the homeowner saying that “Charlie is a real professional and very efficient.”

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January 2015
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Event/Club: Private Home
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AccuDock® had the pleasure of working with this homeowner to design and fabricate this custom paddle board dock complete with a 4 tiered storage rack. This 8′ x 22′ floating kayak and paddle board dock will enable this homeowner/ water sport enthusiast the chance to enjoy every beautiful South Florida day on the water! The two tall paddle board assist railings as well as the kayak slip and railing make launching and recovery a breeze for all paddlers at any experience level. To check out more paddle board and kayak docks go to the Paddle Sports Docks page.

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