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Please find below the AccuDock® “Dock of the Month” from 2011. Contact Us for more information on these and any other floating dock from Accudock

December 2012 Event/Club: Oconee Nuclear Power Plant
Location: Seneca, SC

AccuDock® worked with Oconee Nuclear Power Plant in early 2012 on designing a floating work platform they could use in their spent fuel containment pool. To do this, AccuDock® had to send samples of materials to be lab tested for approval. The end result was an 8’ x 10’ work platform using all stainless steel metal for frame work and railings, as opposed to our standard marine grade aluminum. Oconee Nuclear Power Plant has recently purchased three additional AccuDock® floating platforms for some of their other containment pools.
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November 2012Event/Club: Korea Olympic Committee
Location: Seoul, South Korea

AccuDock® has been working all year with our newly established exclusive South Korea dealer, R&C Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yong-Soo Park on numerous rowing dock projects. The first of many was recently installed – a 16' x 80' rowing dock with an 8' aluminum access ramp. R&C is in the process of installing the rowing docks for the 2013 World Rowing Championships in Chungju, South Korea.
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October 2012 Event/Club: Commercial
Location: New Jersey

AccuDock® took on the challenge of creating a custom bridge solution for workers to access both sides of a tidal waterway in New Jersey. During low tides, the waterway would essentially dry up, presenting the problem of a floating dock bottoming out. Hinges were incorporated between every float section to allow the dock to take to the contour of the landscape. Our New England dealer, Custom Float Services helped assist with this unique project.
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September 2012 Event/Club: Private Residence
Location: Upstate, NY

AccuDock® was presented with the task to come up with a floating dock system which would be able to not only withstand heavy wave action, but could also be easily removed during winter months in New York. Our aluminum gangway, and two control arms can be removed with one hinge pin, and the dock can be stored for winter. During storm activity in the summer, the floating dock is able to withstand the constant waves due to the same very three attachment points. With a July 2012 completion date on a project started in late 2011, the result was an all around job well done! All of the neighbors have dock envy. “I’m telling you. My dock is a tourist destination!” - Happy AccuDock® Customer
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August 2012 Event/Club: Private Residence
Location: Orlando, Florida

AccuDock® now offers specific floating dock solutions for lake front properties that experience a significant drought or elevated water level rises during storms. This application was installed for a private residence near Orlando, FL in late July. What is so special about this dock solution is that it can easily be adjusted depending on water level conditions. Taking on all custom floating dock solutions is simply what AccuDock® prides itself on. The Dock of the Month is yet another example of why AccuDock® EXCELS above the rest.
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July 2012Event/Club: City of Fort Lauderdale
Intracoastal Waterway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The City of Ft. Lauderdale contacted AccuDock® early in 2012 to construct a 40' floating dock and access gangway for a new kids sailing club. In an area that experiences 3-4’ daily tidal swings, getting into their boats is now an easy transition from the low profile AccuDock®. The new dock setup is located on the intercoastal waterway and just off of Las Olas Blvd, and the famous Fort Lauderdale beach.
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June 2012Event/Club: Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta 2012
Schuylkill River, Boathouse Row, Philadelphia, PA

Launching and recovery for the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta was once again made easy by the 416' AccuDock® rowing dock.
Fully equipped with an on and off ramp, all 129 Universities were able to simultaneously enter and exit the river bank in an efficient fashion not often seen at an event this size. Congratulations to all who participated at this year’s event.
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May 2012Deerfield, MA/Northampton, MA
Deerfield Academy/ Smith College

AccuDock® New England Dealer – Custom Float Services based out of Portland, ME recently completed two rowing dock projects for Deerfield Academy and Smith College, both of which are located in Western Massachusetts. Custom Float Services completed the sales of both rowing dock systems and the two installations totaling almost 200' of dock were finalized over a one week period in April 2012. For our prospective New England customers, CFS can be reached at 207-772-3796.
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April 2012Western Oregon
Private Dock

AccuDock® worked with Soraci Designs, LLC out of Eugene, OR to replace an existing wooden dock with a new state of the art Accudock system for the customer. Throughout the almost one year process, many permitting, logistics, and approval obstacles presented themselves, yet were overcome by great work from everyone involved. Demolition of the old system and installation of AccuDock® occurred in March 2012.
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March 2012Stuart, FL
Engagement Photo Shoot

AccuDock® supplied a small 8' x 12' floating platform to a couple from Miami, FL who took the dock to their engagement photo shoot in Stuart, FL at the beginning of February. After battling some bad weather in the morning, they were able to capture some great photos in the afternoon. Congratulations to Chris Hernandez and Jessica Farah!
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February 2012Lake Stevens, WA
City of Lake Stevens

The City of Lake Stevens contacted AccuDock® last summer to develop and build a custom rowing dock to replace an old wooden dock. The 8' x 90' low profile rowing dock plans called for 25% light transmission panels which required engineering to come up with a custom solution. AccuDock® was able to fabricate the custom pieces to meet the unique requirements and provided a brand new dock for the City of Lake Stevens that was assembled Dec. 2011.
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January 2012Knoxville, TN, WA
Office Park

AccuDock® was called upon to build a floating dock with ramp for an office park in Knoxville, TN. Using our heavy duty aluminum framed dock, we fabricated two 8' x 16' sections and an 8' x 24' aluminum gangway. All components of this setup were decked with a hard 100% PVC decking of choice for an aesthetic finish, and it was installed in the last week of 2011.
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