Before & After

Boathouse District – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Before
Before Accudock®

Before: Older floating dock had a freeboard of 10″, not allowing crew members to have an easy entry point into their skulls. The uneven surface where float sections come together, create a dangerous tripping hazard and the one entry ramp only allows one crew team to access the dock at a time.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma After
After Accudock®

After: A low profile AccuDock® rowing dock was installed with a 6″ freeboard to provide crew members the safest and most stable entry point to their shells. This beautiful low profile rowing dock was decked in Ashewood AccuDeck™ to create an aesthetic appearance as well as a non-slip level surface. The two heavy duty aluminum ramps help to keep the floating exactly dock parallel to the seawall and maximizes usage by enabling more than one crew teams to access the dock at the same time.