Please see the dock installation with before and after images from eco resort Saint Petersburg, Florida. Contact Us for more information.

Saint Petersburg, Florida

AccuDock® recently completed another beautiful floating dock install in St. Pete Florida. The homeowner chose Amberwood AccuDeck PVC decking to best compliment the deep bluish green hues of the Florida Gulf Coast region.
This 8 x 10 paddle board dock was also customized by adding a 4 step fiberglass staircase with a hand railing, a two tiered paddle board rack and a waist high tall assist railing to make getting on and off of a paddle board a breeze! Slide assemblies were used to attach this floating dock to the fixed dock this homeowner already had in place, so that the height of the floating platform would easily adjust with the tides.

AccuDeck by Wolf PVC

Often times, one of the biggest challenges faced with various floating dock installs, is which Attachment Method will allow the dock to function properly and provide a safe and stable platform while also still being compatible with the elements of the install location. AccuDock® is able to fabricate a floating dock in any size, shape, or height; which enables the proper attachment method to be used in every scenario. Due to this dock’s measurement, the two dockside corners of this floating dock had to be custom fabricated and winged to allow the slide assemblies to attach to the pilings of the existing fixed dock. AccuDock® can also Customize Slide Assembly brackets to allow them to be used with more unconventional install situations such as a seawall footer being present. Several advantages that slide assemblies offer in regards to floating dock installs is that they are one of the most stable attachment method options as well as preserving the aquatic environment of the install location because piping is not required to be pounded into the sea or lake floor bottom.

This happy homeowner communicated his experience thus far with the recent AccuDock® install completed at his home in St. Pete, FL by stating “The Dock is working Great… the Boards and the Rack works perfectly. The balancing handle (tall assist) was a great idea as well, not sure we would have been able to step on the boards without it.”

Check out the before and after pictures below as well as some additional pictures with his new paddle board dock complete with paddle board storage.

Before Dock Install
After Dock Install

Picture above are before (left) and after (right) pictures of this homeowner’s residence in St. Pete, FL and the floating dock that AccuDock® recently manufactured and installed to allow this family to fully take advantage of their waterfront property. The recent picture that the homeowner sent us below highlights a lot of the selling features of this custom paddle board dock including the two tiered paddle board rack, the waist high grab bar, as well as the four step stair case to provide a safe worry free entry point.

After Dock Install

For more information on AccuDock® paddle board docks, please check out the AccuDock® Paddle Board webpage or contact one of our sales professionals by calling 1-800-910-8535 or email