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How to Connect Floats Post One

1. Above shows the straight connector pieces and two floats – to connect floats together end to end, (two 4 X 8’s make a 4 X 16), or side to side (two 4 X 8’s make an 8 X 8).

The tools you will need are:

3/4 wrench/socket
1/2 wrench/socket
cordless drill with 21/64″ (if not available use 5/16″) bit.

Remove carriage bolt

slide in connector

drill out hole if necessary

Re-insert bolt – DON’T TIGHTEN YET – connector should be loose so floats are easier to push together.

2. Remove the end carriage bolts on the two floats to be connected together. Slide the connectors into the frame of one of the floats. Line up the holes in the connector piece with the bolt hole, and re-insert the carriage bolt and then the lock washer and nut – don’t tighten the nut until both frames are pushed together completely. (you may need to run a 3/8’s drill bit down thru the bolt hole – polyethylene expands with temperature changes, and make it difficult to re-insert the bolt)

3. Line up the connector pieces with the next float and slowly push the two floats together – making sure to push them together evenly – if one side gets pushed in too far ahead of the other side, it will bind and not go in. (you can apply a little dish soap on the connector to help it slide more easily)

Quick hole drill out

re-insert carriage bolt


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