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How to Connect Floats Post Three

7. Re-check the set bolts once you have them tightened – to ensure they are all properly tightened, as sometimes tightening one set bolt leaves others less tight.

Connecting the floats together is best achieved on land, or in shallow water. If you connect in deeper water – the floats must be kept level in the water in order to slide the connector piece into the adjoining float. If you are connecting the floats together and standing on the floats – it may be necessary to move back into the center of the float in order to pull the two floats together.

If you have any additional questions – re-watch the video above – or call Accudock at 954-785-7557. We are available 24 hours a day to handle your questions.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Why are there both carriage bolts and set bolts?

The carriage bolts hold the connector in position in the frame. The connectors were made a little smaller than the frame slot diameter, to allow them to slide in more easily. Tightening down the carriage bolt TOO HARD does not totally keep the connector from moving a little – due to the fact that it is smaller than the frame it is inserted in.

The set bolts/screws job is to push up on the connector and take any movement out of the connector. Proper tightening of the set screws ensures that the Accudock Frame System acts as one continuous frame – throughout the length of your dock – no rocking or pivoting between sections.

Failure to insert and properly tighten the set screws, will allow the dock to “wiggle” around due to effects of waves and water motion, and wallow out the connectors, causing potential failure between the connection points. Proper insertion of the set screws ensures you enjoy years and years of enjoyment on a very stable floating dock system.