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How to Connect Floats Post Two

Tighten the other carriage bolt that was left loose until floats were pushed together.

4. Push the two floats together fully and insert the second carriage bolts. Tighten down the carriage bolts. (run the 3/8 drill bit down thru the hole to make reinsertion of the bolt easier – as needed)


The first inclination is to tighten down as hard as possible – DO NOT DO THIS. Tighten the carriage bolts only untill snug – do not over tighten. Tighten the carriage bolt nut until the lock washer flattens out then another half turn. See video above – which shows the bolts being tightened to proper tightness.

5. Now you are ready to insert the set bolt/screws: Apply anti-seize to the set bots. Insert the set bolts/screws.


screw in set bolts by hand


6. Now tighten the set bolts – tighten by hand, then another 3/4 turn with a wrench.

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