Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What is an AccuDock® float section made out of?

Each float consists of a high density polyethylene plastic, which completely encapsulates a block of EPS foam.

2. How do the floats connect together?

AccuDock has a series of aluminum connectors that fit into a marine grade aluminum frame which surrounds the perimeter of each float section as shown in the images below. They can connect together in any configuration you can think of, for more information see our Installation Instructions.
Attaching Work Floats
Attaching Work Floats

3. How much do they weigh, and how much can they hold?

Due to our manufacturing design, our float sections are extremely lightweight with a high buoyancy rate.

4′ x 8′ x 8″
Weight 67 Pounds
Buoyancy up to 1,086 Pounds
Recommended load up to 543 Pounds

5′ x 8′ x 8″
Weight 85 Pounds
Buoyancy up to 1,402 Pounds
Recommended load up to 701 Pounds

4. What is the surface texture?

The surface is the same plastic as the sides, and bottoms. It is a non-skid levant texture finish which is a slightly raised texture providing excellent traction. The surface is not slippery when wet, and because of the white in color, it is cool to the touch even during hot summer months.

5. Who installs them/ how difficult are they to assemble?

Although we can offer installation through independent contractors who are familiar with our product, most of our customers install their own docks. Please look at our Install Instructions Page for further answers, or feel free to Contact Us for more specific installation questions.

6. What is needed to maintain the docks over the years?

Unlike wooden docks that need to be treated and replaced throughout the years, AccuDock® offers a low-maintenance durable dock system that can be cleaned easily and will last for years to come. Cleaning can be done with a pressure washer, or a simple hose and soap with a brush.

7. What type of attachment method should I use?

The AccuDock® team will be happy to work with you on which attachment method would be the best fit for your location. Contact Us for help, or take a look at the Attachment Methods Page.

8. What type of Warranty does AccuDock have?

9. How does it ship?

AccuDock® uses large freight companies to ship products nationally and internationally. We take pride in packaging our floating docks on pallets or in boxes to ensure your order gets to you in the same condition it leaves us. Usually it will arrive to your location on a large semi-trailer, if clearance into your location is an issue, please let us know.
Accudock Shipping
Accudock Shipping

10. How does the Accudock handle salt water conditions?

The AccuDock® warehouse is in Pompano Beach, FL – right off the Atlantic Ocean, and has had floating docks in the intercoastal waterways for over 9 years, free of any problems. Our marine grade aluminum is not submerged in the water, and therefore not consistently subjected to corrosion.

11. Am I going to need a permit for this?

All cities, towns, counties have different laws in what they require needing a permit for. One key aspect about our dock is that it can be easily removed, and may be not seen as a ‘permanent structure’. Check with your local permitting agency.