Wekiva Island – Longwood, Florida

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Wekiva Island – Longwood, Florida

Wekiva Island – Longwood, Before
Before Accudock®

Before: The main concerns for this client in choosing a manufacturer was finding a floating dock manufacturer that would provide their patrons with an enjoyable experience as well as choosing a company who shared their concern for their environment. AccuDock® was the clear choice based on their unique manufacturing process enabling them to design and customize a floating dock’s size, shape and height as well as being an American floating dock manufacturer who uses all American sourced environmentally friendly materials.

Wekiva Island – Longwood, After
After Accudock®

After: AccuDock® manufactured the three slip canoe and kayak launches complete with overhead assist railings, two heavy duty aluminum ramps with non-skid decking which makes accessing the launches a breeze. The two rollers attached directly to the fixed dock allows paddlers to easily slide their kayak and/or canoe into the water. This extremely safe and functional floating dock system was attached using spud brackets, landside hinge plates and a set of dockside rollers so that the floating dock would seamlessly adjust when necessary with changes in the river’s water level.