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Kayak and Paddle Sport Testimonials

12' X 16' Kayak Slip Dock

“We really have been spending all our time outdoors biking, hiking and kayaking... what a great Spring. We are the only ones with a floating dock in the Venetian VillageCommunity (canal system adjacent the Lake Apopka to Lake Beauclair Canal). Everyone asks us about our dock, comments how cool it looks, and marvels at the utility of a "floating dock".”

Clayton Y. - Venetian Village Community, Florida

Kayak Dock with Overhead Assist Bar and Safe Launch

Love the product. The dock is in and working wonderfully! So excited for kayak day!

Michelle L. - Raymond, Washington


12' x 16' Kayak Slip Dock / SUP Dock

Please thank everyone at AccuDock. My shipment got here exactly when promised on Friday. We installed it on Saturday. The engineering design is amazing; the stability is super. I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer and will enjoy this for a long time.

Happy Customer

Kayak Dock

The AccuDock experience was exceptionally helpful and trouble free – beginning to end! Can’t say enough about the dock. We love it. Thanks for all your help! The grandkids loved the ease of getting into and out of the kayaks and I loved getting a rowing shell on the lake.

Will C. - Glenside, Pennsylvania


Kayak Dock

The AccuDock Staff was extremely helpful in describing the products and costs placing my order. The 8x12 Kayak dock with safe launch was exactly what I wanted and fit my needs perfectly.

Lesley G. - Loris, South Carolina

Kayak Dock

Thank you for manufacturing the best solution for our application, I am very happy that I did not go with any of your competitors. This dock is great!

Peter Pavelic - Islamorada, Florida


Kayak Dock

A good experience for the Kayak Slip Dock from the initial contact throughout the actual shipment. Thanks for a great product at a fair price!

Robert W.

Floating Kayak Dock with Safe Launch

The dock went together very easily. The only part I needed help on was unloading it, moving the pieces around for installation and then sliding it off the dock into the water. Putting it together and attaching to the pilings went very well, and it rides the tides very nicely. I am extremely satisfied with your product and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in this sort of dock. It far excels over any other kayak dock that is commercially available, in fact, they don’t even come close. Thank you so much for all of the help and support I received from your company.


Barry B. - Pine Island, Florida


Floating Kayak Dock with Storage Rack

The dock is finished and it is great. A super dock and very impressed with the dock rack to organize the paddle boards! Fits perfect, thanks again.

C.M. - South Florida

Floating Kayak Dock with Safe Launch

We are very impressed with the way everything turned out, everyone involved has been great! Our residents are getting up to speed with their new Kayaks and platform.

I would especially like to thank you for your noticeable concern for our satisfaction. Much success to you and your company.

Thanks again,

Bob L. - Hillsboro Cove, Deerfield Florida


Kayak Dock

I could not be more pleased with my dock. It is very well engineered, easy to put together, and of high quality.

Jeff - North Carolina

Kayak Floating Dock

The dock looks fantastic and is as stable as can be ! I couldn't wait to put my kayaks on it. When you get a chance, I will need those two additional cleats. I need them to lash the kayaks down around the center. Thanks again. I'll make sure my neighbors call you.

Neil H. -Maryland