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Kayak and Paddle Sport Docks
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AccuDock® Kayak and Paddle Sport Docks are designed and built for all water sport activities. The resulting low freeboard of the docks makes for a smooth transition on and off the water regardless of skill set. AccuDock has a full line of floating dock configurations designed specifically for paddle sports. Each AccuDock provides a safe stable platform that is close to the water’s surface, making the launch and recovery of your kayak/paddleboard easy.


  • Low Profile Providing Safe and Stable Access
  • Full Line of Configurations Designed for Water Sports
  • Variety of Paddle Sport Specific Packages and Accessories Available
  • ADA Compliant Options
  • Made in the USA


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Kayak Drive-Thru Dock The AccuDock® kayak drive-thru dock package is the basic configuration of slip docks we offer. Using two of our 30” x 8’ float sections, separated by an open 3’ x 8’ slip, the drive-thru dock creates a stable setup allowing safe entry and exit to your kayak from the slip. Like the rest of our slip docks, the drive-thru is compatible with the safe launch accessory which provides an easier transition.

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Kayak Slip Dock The 8' x 12' Kayak Slip Dock is the most popular kayak dock setup for both residential and park site applications. Similar to the basic Drive-Thru package, the 8' x 12' slip dock offers an additional 4' x 8' section for more surface space, and additional stability. The AccuDock® package comes with an overhead assist bar for added comfort when launching a kayak, and can also be upgraded to include the Safe Launch accessory.

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Boomer Kayak Slip DockThe AccuDock largest kayak slip dock package has the same 3' x 8' slip opening as the drive thru and 8' x 12' slip dock, as well as almost 100 additional square feet of surface space that can be used for just about anything from storage to additional launching areas. As with our other slip dock configurations, this setup can include the Safe Launch accessory.

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Willy Dock
AccuDock® has two Willy Docks available. 4' x 8' and 5' x 8'. While being our most affordable kayak dock, the Willy dock provides the same stability, functionality, and safety as our other kayak and paddle sport dock packages.

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Kayak Slip Dock Safe Launch
The AccuDock Safe Launch feature provides the highest degree of safety when launching and recovering a kayak. The safe launch feature works with any of our kayak slip dock packages.
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Paddle Sport Storage Racks All of our Paddle Sport Storage Racks are manufactured in the AccuDock facility. There are a variety of Racks readily available from two tier and up to 5 tier, single or double sided. We can build customized racks to any size and dimensions requested in order to accommodate the length of any Kayak and/or Paddleboard. SHOP NOW