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12′ x 16′ Kayak Slip Dock

By September 9, 2015
12′ x 16′ Kayak Slip Dock

We really have been spending all our time outdoors biking, hiking and kayaking… what a great Spring. We are the only ones with a floating dock in the Venetian Village Community (canal system adjacent the Lake Apopka to Lake Beauclair Canal). Everyone asks us about our dock, comments how cool it looks, and marvels at the utility of a “floating dock”.
Clayton Y., Venetian Village Community, FL

12′ x 16′ Kayak Slip Dock with overhead assist bar and 3 step fiberglass stairs with a handrail
Kayak Slip Dock
Kayak Slip Dock with Assist Bar

Floating Dock / Kayak Dock Testimonial with overhead assist bar and Safe Launch system

Love the product. The dock is in and working wonderfully! So excited for kayak day!
Michelle L., Raymond, WA

Kayak Dock with Safe Launch system
Safe Launch System