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Floating Kayak Dock

By September 10, 2015
Floating Kayak DockA few selling points;

1) I use my kayak regardless four or five times a week, but you can see the drop off I had before the AccuDock™ float. It was a delicate dance getting both in and out. Now it’s completely safe.

As a lifelong salesman I would suggest you stress the safety factor in your sale, I have to think a lot of people fall getting in and out of their boats without something like your product.

2) I do think also the average user of Kayaks would use their boats more with your dock, (another good selling feature).

3) In a set up like mine I am very tide dependant. The dock extends out an additional five feet into the water which gives me more hours of time where there’s adequate water to launch and dock the boat. Results in more usable time.

Just some thoughts. It’s a good product.

Thanks, Paul
Hubert, North Carolina


Kayak Dock4 X 8 Kayak dock with stabilizing brackets


Canoe Rental DocksThe floating docks look great and they’ve been such a nice addition to the canoe rentals. They make getting in and out of the canoes so much easier and safer.

Thanks again!
Moncks Corner, SC

Canoe Rental Docks



Kayak Dock with Overhead Assist BarThe 12 X 16 kayak dock worked out great and allowed a novice to get into a kayak easily. Thanks for the help.

Kayak Dock with Overhead Assist Bar

Kayak Dock with Overhead Assist Bar

Tarpon Point MarinaTarpon Point Marina
Capt. Dennis
Cape Coral, FL 33914


Kayak, Wave Runner and Small Boat Floating DockAttached are pics of our kayak, wave runner and small boat floating dock. Thanks to you, we can service any and all.


Kayak, Wave Runner and Small Boat Floating Dock
Tierra Verde, Florida 6/09

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