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Kayak Dock Testimonias

By September 9, 2015
Kayak Dock Testimonial

The AccuDock Staff was extremely helpful in describing the products and costs placing my order. The 8×12 Kayak dock with safe launch was exactly what I wanted and fit my needs perfectly.
Lesley G., Loris, SC

Kayak Dock Testimonial

Thank you for manufacturing the best solution for our application, I am very happy that I did not go with any of your competitors. This dock is great!
Peter Pavelic, Islamorada, FL

Kayak Dock Testimonial

A good experience for the Kayak Slip Dock from the initial contact throughout the actual shipment. Thanks for a great product at a fair price!
Robert W.

Kayak Floating Dock Testimonial

AccuDock provides a quality product at a reasonable price with quality customer service. I got exactly what I thought I was buying and have been very happy with this dock since it was installed.

Kayak Dock Virginia 1
Kayak Dock Virginia 2

Floating Kayak Dock with Safe Launch

The dock went together very easily. The only part I needed help on was unloading it, moving the pieces around for installation and then sliding it off the dock into the water. Putting it together and attaching to the pilings went very well, and it rides the tides very nicely.

Kayak Dock Florida
Floating Kayak Dock with Safety Launch

I am extremely satisfied with your product and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in this sort of dock. It far excels over any other kayak dock that is commercially available, in fact, they don’t even come close.
Thank you so much for all of the help and support I received from your company.
Barry B. Pine Island, Florida