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Low Profile Residential Floating Work Platform

By October 2, 2015 Home

Low Profile Rowing DocksOur low profile rowing docks are the first choice of some of the most prestigious rowing venues, crew teams and clubs in the world. Our patented manufacturing process enables us to provide an extremely stable, safe and durable low profile dock with an industry leading freeboard of 5.5″ (14cm). This low profile provides a smooth transition for rowers from the dock into their shells as well as protects the shell allowing the outriggers to easily clear the surface of the dock.

AccuDock rowing docks are also low maintenance, environmentally friendly, extremely resistant to climate change, tidal and water level fluctuations and are manufactured in the USA using 100% sourced American materials. In addition to rowing docks, we also engineer, manufacture and design custom start docks. State of the art features such as retractable finger docks and pivoting aligner planks give each boat holder optimum positioning. Our custom low profile rowing docks have been used in countless FISA (International Federation of Rowing Associations) sponsored events such as regattas and our product has passed all FISA rules and regulation standards.

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