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Accudock Monthly Newsletter, November 2014

By October 14, 2015 Floating Dock news 2014
AccuDock®; – Gets their Pink On!

AccuDock®; employees as well as the Miami Springs High School Cheer Leading Team, who AccuDock®; sponsored for their Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, are all pictured here sporting their AccuDock®; Breast Cancer Awareness shirts. Each year, AccuDock makes sure to bring awareness to this extremely important cause to support friends, family members, co-workers, and everyone else who has been affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Why Aluminum?

In the marine industry, aluminum stands out among the crowd in regards to its molecular components being extremely well suited for many marine applications. Aluminum has been the chosen material for marine applications for many years due to its long-lasting durability in the harsh marine environment.

Below are some of the advantages of using Marine Grade Aluminum:

a) Durability – aluminum does not loose strength over time and does not rot, rust, or crack enabling
it to last for years and years without being compromised.

b) Corrosion Resistant – upon contact with the air, aluminum forms a resistant layer of aluminum
oxide that guards against corrosion.

c) Lightweight – technically, Aluminum is one-third the weight of steel which saves money on
shipping and labor costs.

d) Strength – aluminum is 30% stronger than steel and has a yield strength of 39,000 psi compared
to that of 30,000 psi for steel. A higher yield strength allows aluminum to withstand collisions that
would dent a similar structure made of steel.

e) Valuable – aluminum offers a scrap value of almost ten times than that of steel.

f) 100% Recyclable – aluminum has little to no impact on the environment and can be recycled
without losing any of its characteristics or integrity, and it only takes 5% of the energy to recycle
aluminum that it does to produce primary metal.

Aluminum Gangway
Aluminum Application

November Employee Spotlight
Russell tocentera- Shipping and Receiving Supervisor

November’s employee spotlight shines on the AccuDock®; Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, Russell tocentera. Russell has been a valued member of the AccuDock®; team for coming up on 2 years. As the Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, Russell’s main responsibilities include ensuring all deliveries and orders are unloaded and loaded safely and in a timely manner, overseeing inventory management and raw material ordering process to ensure we have the appropriate products and materials at all times for upcoming projects, and packaging all portions of each order to be shipped. In addition, he is also a key factor in maintaining our ISO Certification by logging, tagging, and properly storing all materials being received and completed orders to be shipped.


Russell also brings with him a wealth of experience in warehouse management best practices, manufacturing, and the marine industry! Prior to coming to AccuDock®;, Russell was the Logistics and Inventory Manager at Heico, one of the largest aerospace and electronics manufacturer in the world. After Heico, Russell went on to be the Floor Manager at a large Yachting Interior specialist firm located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Russell grew up in Fort Lauderdale and is a true Florida native, with four generations of his family being from and still living in the Fort Lauderdale area. Outside of his job here at AccuDock, he also is a personal trainer and is extremely passionate about health and fitness. So it should come as no surprise, that in the little down time Russell has, he’d prefer to be spending it outside doing something active.
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