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Accudock Monthly Newsletter, October 2014

By October 14, 2015 Floating Dock news 2014
October Employee Spotlight

AJ Barcz – Sales Professional
This month we are highlighting an AccuDock®; employee who brings plenty of humor, kindness, knowledge, and passion with him to the office every day! AJ has been an AccuDock®; team member for a little over a year and has made a tremendous impact on the overall sales support and customer service provided to valued AccuDock®; customers.

Don’t fault him for this, but he is one of three Florida State Graduates that we have in the office here at AccuDock®;! He graduated from FSU in 2010 with a degree in Economics. During his time at FSU he gained a wealth of varied experience ranging from interning at the Florida Senate to working part time as a waiter and line cook. After college AJ further added to his resume by fine tuning his customer service and sales skills at Telecom as well as at a large IT and Commercial recruiting firm.

Having grown up in South Florida and now living in the Marine capital of the world, Ft. Lauderdale, AJ is very familiar with the Marine industry.

AJ Barcz

His love for the water, beach, and stand up paddling has made his AccuDock®; transition over the past year a smooth and enjoyable one. AJ’s responsibilities as an AccuDock®; Sales Consultant range from assisting commercial and residential customers with their AccuDock®; configurations and purchases, to representing AccuDock®; at various industry trade shows across the country, and everything else related to the sales process in between!

Some of AJ’s other interests outside of the Marine Industry include coaching youth basketball in Sunrise Florida, training at his local Crossfit Gym, brushing up on his cooking skills by experimenting with various local cuisine, and of course watching whatever Seminole sports team that is currently in season!

Proper Care for your AccuDock®; in upcoming Winter Months

For those of you fortunate enough to live in temperate climates year round, you are able to enjoy your AccuDock®; year round with no thought given to water icing over or freezing. However, many of our AccuDock®; customers live more north and need to be cognizant of winter conditions if they are thinking of leaving their AccuDock®; in the water throughout the Fall and Winter seasons.

The superior materials used to manufacture AccuDock®; Floating Docks are easily able to sustain freezing temperatures and icing, however if your AccuDock®; is installed at a location where there is the possibility of moving water or ice and debris colliding with it, you definitely want to remove it and place it in storage until the following Spring and follow the simple steps below.

  1. First start with the anchoring. Make sure your dock is temporarily tied up to the shoreline before removing your anchoring method(s).
  2. Next detach your gangway from the dock. If your Gangway was provided by AccuDock®;, you are in luck, because the aluminum construction and attachment methods will make it very easy for you to detach.
  3. Now start taking apart your AccuDock® floating dock pieces. Start from the waterside and work your way closer to the shore. Each float section should be light enough for two people to stack or load for storage, but using a trailer would make the process quicker.
  4. Always store the dock face up and if possible cover or store inside a shed, garage, etc. –
    in order to avoid having to pressure wash it in the Spring due to being exposed to the elements through the Fall and Winter months.

Click for PDF The Docker – Oct., 2014

Winter Docks

Press Release
September 10, 2014

AccuDock® Completes ISO 9001:2008 Certification
AccuDock®; is proud to announce that, as of September 3, 2014, the arduous process of attaining their ISO 9001:2008 certification has been completed. ISO 9001 is published by the International Organization for Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland and is the internationally recognized standard that is the basis for review and certification of a company’s quality management system.

Over the past year, AccuDock®;, has had an internal manufacturing specialist with extensive experience in ISO Certification and Standards, lead the pursuit of becoming ISO 9001:2008 certified. The AccuDock®; internal manufacturing specialist worked diligently alongside Core Solution, one of the largest and most respected ISO registrars in the world, in refining all processes related to continually improving the quality and consistency of their Floating Docks, customer satisfaction, and on-time delivery.

ISO Certification

Each AccuDock®; employee was involved in becoming ISO 9001 certified and were individually tasked with ensuring that specific quality management procedures, pertinent to their unique job tasks were in place, implemented, and perfected. Involvement at every level of the company is a key factor in making sure that every aspect of manufacturing AccuDock®; Floating Platforms and operating procedure is compliant with ISO 9000 quality standards. In order to maintain their ISO Certification, AccuDock®; must also participate in regular annual audits conducted by the assigned external registrar (NQA-USA).

AccuDock®; CEO, John Harrison, states in relation to AccuDock®; becoming ISO 9001 certified “I am excited to know that each AccuDock®; employee is empowered with the knowledge of how to address any possible inconsistencies in the most efficient and effective manner possible. In turn, productivity, quality, employee and customer satisfaction will all be increased.” The main focus of becoming ISO 9001 certified, is the end user; and AccuDock® has made every effort to ensure that each aspect of overall operating and manufacturing procedure continues to be in line with keeping the end user’s satisfaction as the top priority!

Download PDF File ISO 9001:2008 Certification Press Release
Download PDF File ISO 9001:2008 Certificate