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Accudock in the Federal Project Market

By October 14, 2015 Floating Dock news 2014
AccuDock®; Awarded GSA Contract /Schedule 84

January 20, 2014 – Press Release

GSA Contract Holder

Pompano Beach, FL – AccuDock®; (JMH Marine, Inc.) announced the recent award of GSA contract # GS07F1078A on Schedule 84 for the company’s USA made quality floating dock products. AccuDock’s listing on the GSA Schedule provides government customers with the ability to conveniently purchase and install floating dock applications for ADA, Commercial and public access Park’s paddle sport recreation sites. AccuDock® plans to list its full product line of dock applications on GSAAdvantage®; for ease of direct purchase. Additionally, AccuDock®; plans to extend their GSA savings to all government agencies that are able to qualify for direct purchase through GSA procurement procedures.

Government Floating Dock with Gangway
Government Floating Dock with Scaffhold

Schedule 84 includes Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response also known as SIN 260-12 (Floating Marine Barriers and Booms, Floats, Perimeter Floats, and Moorings ). The schedule includes all components needed for a complete floating dock application, connection hardware, complete paddle sport dock packages as well as commercial applications (scaffold work platforms/ commercial boat launch systems). Orders are being processed immediately for the upcoming season, under GSA terms, while AccuDock’s team continues to add the product list to the GSA Advantage Catalog.

AccuDock®; has the ability to design applications to meet ADA Compliant requirements as well as OSHA, quality and environmentally friendly standards

They dedicate the necessary time and effort in finding the best solution for any size project or special custom design needs. The AccuDock®; GSA team utilizes years of experience in working closely with government procurement processes and put every effort towards each individual project from the preliminary design to the final installation of your project.

If your project requires meeting specific funding requirements, AccuDock®; has the ability to create a complete floating dock application to meet your project and budgetary obligations.

ADA Docks, Gangways, Rowing Docks and Scaffhold Docks

AccuDock®; is a trusted supplier of quality floating dock applications to such agencies as; National Park Services, US Coast Guard, US Navy, Department Of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Department Of Defense, Nuclear Power Plants, Discounting also extended to (GSA approved) State, Local & Municipal agencies.

GSA SmartPay

“AccuDock has experienced an amazing growth in the federal project market with release of our ADA compliant applications as well as our continued supply of our floating scaffold platforms for the USCG”, John Harrison, President/ Owner of JMH Marine, Inc. (AccuDock®;), “As we continue to facilitate a number of RFQ’s for our many floating dock applications; we found it only appropriate that the next step for AccuDock’s future growth was to pursue our GSA Schedule Contract to allow these agencies the ease of direct purchase via GSA Advantage.”

See the GSA Page on this site.