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AccuDeck PVC Decking offers

By September 18, 2015
Below are some of the benefits that AccuDeck™ PVC Decking offers:

  • Affordable- PVC is one of the most affordable decking materials available on the
    market for floating docks and saves the consumer additional money due to the
    fact that little to no money needs to be spent on maintenance

  • Ease of Installation- PVC deck boards are extremely lightweight due to how they
    are manufactured, which makes them much easier to work with and install

  • Durable- PVC decking is made from completely inorganic
    materials, it is resistant to cracking, splintering, rotting, and warping. Mold, mildew,
    and insect infestation damage are also not issues of concern when using PVC

  • Low Maintenance- You don’t have to stain, paint, or apply special treatments to
    protect your AccuDeck decking and keep it in good condition. Debris and dirt
    from use can be easily cleaned off with a hose and soft wet rag. For a little
    tougher messes, use simple eco-friendly household cleaning products along with
    a hose and soft cloth.

  • Eco-Friendly- PVC decking is 100 percent recyclable does not add to the already
    overly inflated demand on natural resources.

  • 25 Year Stain and Fade Warranty- AccuDeck™ PVC decking resists staining
    throughout the warranty period from standard food and beverage items found
    often in most households such as barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard,
    mayonnaise, salad dressing and salad oils, grease, tea, wine, coffee, fruit punch,
    sodas and other food and beverage items. Standard household cleaning products
    and a soft cloth are recommended to be used to clean off the deck boards within a
    week of one of the aforementioned items being spilled on the decking. To ensure
    maximum durability and functionality, all install and maintenance suggestions should be followed.

  • Increases Aesthetic Appeal- Formulated to closely resemble real wood decking,
    there are slight differences in color and grain pattern from board to board, giving
    your floating dock the beauty and feel of nature with the strength and durability of
    synthetic materials.

  • Improved safety- the deep wood texture of AccuDeck™ decking created a safe
    non-slip surface while also having a much higher resistance to fire than organic
    wood decking.

  • ICC Code Approved- CCRR-0141

Accudeck Color Samples

AccuDeck™ PVC decking is available in two collections, Tropical Hardwoods and Seaside Collections, a total of seven gorgeous color choices (all shown above). The spectrum of rich colored AccuDeck™ choices allows each customer to choose an option that they feel best meets the required specifications and/or compliments the natural landscape of the install location. Each Accudeck™ PVC decking option is constructed using ASA capstock resin and retains its color under prolonged exposure to sun and weather and comes with a 25-year Stain and Fade Warranty.

***Additional decking materials and/or colors are available depending on the individual
requirements of each project scope. Contact AccuDock®; at AccuDeck Gallery to
inquire about additional options.

To view beautiful AccuDeck™ installs go to the AccuDeck Gallery.
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