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AccuDock ® Hires Marine Engineer

By September 18, 2015

Here at AccuDock®;, we pride ourselves on being able to fully understand our clients’ visions, integrate the proper engineering principles into that vision, and then manufacture a floating dock that provides value and exceeds performance
expectations without compromising strength or functionality. This January, Marine Engineer (Chris Dibiasio), was added to the AccuDock®; team to provide each client
with a professional insurance that their customized floating dock project remains structurally sound and properly secured once installed as designed. Since being hired, Chris has already made significant contributions to the AccuDock®; value proposition and his friendly, approachable, and dedicated personality has enabled him to gel seamlessly with the management and manufacturing staff as well as with our valued customers.


Chris is now, one of three Massachusians, among the office staff here in Pompano Beach, FL, and is extremely happy to be a part of the AccuDock®; team, FAR away from the endless snowfall the remainder of his family is having to endure, in his hometown of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. No doubt, Chris is the envy of his three siblings and parents, who all still reside in the North East. I am sure the endless pictures Chris shares with his family of himself and his girlfriend, in their spare time, enjoying the gorgeous Florida Sunshine while surfing, laying out at the beach, biking down A1A, or one of the many other outdoor activities he fills his weekends with, sure doesn’t help… but hey, can you blame him?!

Since moving to South Florida in 2009, Chris has been completely committed to pursuing his goal of becoming a Marine Engineer and graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, FL) in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering. Chris then relocated to Boca Raton to pursue his Master of Ocean Engineering degree and jumped into a fast track program that allowed him to graduate within a year and a half and earn his M.S. in Ocean Engineering in December of last

In addition to being academically inclined, Chris has also attained a significant amountof experience through completing several summer internship stints at a marine engineering firm called Seascan located in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Seascan specializes in designing and manufacturing underwater instrumentation used for a wide variety of diagnostic and research projects. Throughout the two summers spent at Seascan, Chris’ main responsibility was to design and draft individual components of the marine diagnostic and research instruments Seascan manufactured and create CAD drawings of them in Solid Works.

Some of the responsibilities Chris will be assuming here at AccuDock®; are as follows:

  • Master Plan Review
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Project Specification
  • Design Checking
  • Operational Review
  • Structural Certification
  • Creating Project specific CAD drawings

We are extremely excited about the addition of Chris to the AccuDock®; team and are already seeing results of the significant positive impact Chris has had and will continue to have on the overall design, engineering, and production of AccuDock®; Floating Dock Solutions.

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