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AccuDock® Independence Day Celebration

By September 18, 2015

AccuDock® Independence Day Celebration

AccuDock®, a leading floating dock manufacturer who specializes in fabricating custom applications to meet the unique specifications required for each install, celebrated Independence Day alongside their fellow employees this past Thursday July 2nd while enjoying a BBQ that owner, John Harrison, had catered by Café Maxx in Pompano Beach, FL.

June proved to be an extremely busy month for AccuDock® having recently completed some very large high profile projects such as a large Rowing venue, naval Scaffolding Platforms, various ADA Complaint Kayak Launches, customized floating docks for Cornell University and more! The management staff felt giving everyone the chance to catch up with each other and enjoy some great BBQ was just one small way that they could say thank you to all of the hard working and dedicated team members, a number of them being military veterans themselves.

July Celebration with AccuDock

AccuDock®, who also proudly manufacturers all of their products in the US and uses only US sourced materials, is an avid supporter of a multitude of charities geared towards supporting both our active and retired service members and has shown their support in many ways such as donating a floating dock to the local DAV chapter, participating in countless events to help raise funding for a number of organizations that support the troops, and even with things as simple as purchasing red AccuDock® t-shirts for their employees who are veterans to wear on Fridays!

July 4th AccuDock Celebration

Jimmy, one of the many valued AccuDock® employees is a proud veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan as well as being stationed in several other remote parts of the world. When asked how his experience has been here so far at AccuDock®, explained that “All of the employees are very helpful, the manufacturing plant and all the equipment is well cared for and runs smoothly.” He also touched on his interaction with the management staff and said “They gave me a chance when others didn’t. They looked at my resume and read a reference letter that was submitted by one of my former superiors and didn’t hold the fact that I didn’t have a handful of the exact job specific skills sets that some other comparable applicants would because I spent so much time in the service.”

Jimmy went on to explain that his experience as an AccuDock® employee has been much more enjoyable and conducive to a successful transition into civilian life than previous jobs he’s had since ending his military career in 2012.

He candidly spoke about how not having to deal with a lot of the aggravating stressors that result from a company not taking a personal interest in their employees wellbeing as well as the quality of their products, is a huge help to him in overcoming the ongoing obstacles that many veterans often face while adjusting to their new lives. As a final last endorsement of the satisfaction level he embodies from being a part of the AccuDock® team, he quipped that “Working at AccuDock® has been WAY better than any of my other previous civilian jobs!”

July Celebration with AccuDock


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