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Accudock and the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta

By October 10, 2015 News 2012
Rowing Dock News



Following a highly successful test run of two new, state-of-the-art docks on the Schuylkill River, the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta is allowing the Stotesbury Regatta to enjoy the same opportunity.

The Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee and Aberdeen Asset Management Inc., the global asset manager and title sponsor of the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, have enabled the Stotesbury organizers the use of the dock systems at this weekend’s Stotesbury Regatta. With authorization from the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, Stotesbury, the country’s largest high school regatta, will utilize the DVROC’s highly efficient competitor launch dock at the Three Angels statue and Aberdeen’s magnificent awards dock at the Schuylkill River grandstands.

“The DVROC is pleased to make available portions of its award and shell-launching docks to other championship regattas,” said Jack Galloway, chairman of the DVROC. “This week the Stotesbury Cup, the championship regatta of scholastic rowing, will be using the new award docks that the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta inaugurated last week. We are especially pleased that regatta fans are able to get a good look at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta awards dock during medal presentation ceremonies. We are hopeful that the mayor and other civic officials will take advantage of sharing in the awarding of medals in other championship events on the river. The DVROC will be available to receive requests for the use of the award dock and competitor docks for future championship events that request it.”

On full display last weekend, the cutting-edge awards dock provided by Aberdeen to the Dad Vail Regatta is an ultramodern platform for medal distribution and award ceremonies. The dock, measuring as wide as 15 feet in width at the head end, 10-feet wide at the upstream end, and 104-feet long, serves as a grand stage atop the Schuylkill to receive racing shells. The dock can simultaneously moor two eight-oared shells (58 feet a piece) and disembark crews for medal awards. On the end of the dock, with the Schuylkill and the Philadelphia skyline serving as the backdrop, an elevated podium can be used for gold-medal winning crews to pose for photos.

Aberdeen is funding the awards dock for the DVROC, which in turn will allow future regattas to use it. The DVROC will administer the use of the awards dock at various championship regattas during the year — starting with this weekend’s Stotesbury.

“We at Aberdeen Asset Management were delighted to invest in the production of a new state-of-the-art dock, unveiled last weekend at the 2011 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta,” said Gary Marshall, the Chief Executive of Aberdeen Asset Management. “This is one of the world’s leading rowing regattas: it deserves a world class showcase. The atmosphere on the dock when the winning crews received their various medals and trophies was truly a memorable one and we hope that future regattas enjoy the same experience. Plus, we didn’t get our feet wet – unlike last year!”