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Shark Dive Platform and AccuDeck Rowing Dock

By October 12, 2015 News 2013

Shark Week 2013 AccuDock® Style
Shark Dive Platform – Customer Testimonial: We’d like to send a big “thank you!” out to Kim and the rest of the team at AccuDock™, for designing and building us one heck of a San Francisco shark dive platform and doing it in less than a week…
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Shark Week 2013 AccuDock

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AccuDeck™ Rowing Dock at Devon Boathouse on Oklahoma River
AccuDock® has completed the installation of their customized low profile rowing docks specifically for Devon Boathouse on the Oklahoma River. This unique low profile rowing dock was designed using the new AccuDeck™ 100% pvc material decking; a great addition to the already distinctive and pleasing aesthetic of the Boathouse.


AccuDock® has released the new AccuDeck™ option in 2013. AccuDeck™ allows for a low profile fully decked floating dock. AccuDock® is able to supply a finished decked dock using their standard float sections, and the same connection method. AccuDock’s unique design allows them to utilize any type of decking desired by the customer and multiple colors and styles are available. The AccuDeck™ system also can be applied to a customer’s existing dock setup, as well as all new AccuDock™ applications. Contact AccuDock for assistance in your design and getting started in improving your waterfront property.

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