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Our primary importance

By October 7, 2015 Floating Docks

Our primary importance in any floating platform and scaffolding system project is safety, functionality, and quality. Our commitment has always been to manufacture quality products at a competitive price that meet the needs of almost every waterfront construction, repair, or maintenance project. AccuDock® floating scaffolding systems are custom built to the specifications required for each project as well as being offered in standard packages.

The engineering and sales team at AccuDock has extensive experience designing scaffolding systems and scaffold towers and upon request can provide project specific CAD drawings. Each floating scaffolding platform is designed to support the maximum load required for any waterfront project including but not limited bridge construction, ship repair, painting or maintenance. The height of each AccuDock® scaffold and work platform off the water can be customized allowing us to meet the needs of almost any waterfront construction project for any scope of work.
In addition to custom aluminum scaffold platforms, AccuDock® also has scaffolding for sale that is steel constructed. Steel scaffold systems are outsourced to scaffolding manufacturers that we have strategically classed ourselves with based on their proven history of constructing high-quality scaffolds.
AccuDock Floating Scaffolding Platform features and benefits:
Wide arrange of safety features – toe boards, fall protection, qualified anchoring points, lifting rings, locking mechanisms, and guard rails are available; making the scaffold system OSHA compliant.

OSHA compliant Scaffolding
OSHA compliant Scaffolding
OSHA compliant Scaffolding

Customization – AccuDock scaffolding towers are available in aluminum or steel and our fully framed floating scaffold platforms can be manufactured to meet the requirements of any project.

Custom scaffolding towers

AccuDeck Featuring Wolf PVC Decking – our custom aluminum scaffolding and floating platforms can be decked in a variety of colors and materials to further enhance the visual look of the system and increase functionality as well as the degree of safety. Please Inquire for details.

Gangway Decking
Scaffold Platform Decking
Scaffold Platform Decking