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The AccuPort PWC Jet Ski Dock is designed and engineered to provide the easiest, most attractive way to load and launch your personal watercraft. Constructed of highest quality materials offering uncompromised buoyancy and structural integrity. If you are outside the state of Florida please contact us directly to place your order.

Key Features
• Assembled and ready to use
• Simply drive on – no cranking, no cables or pulleys
• 12 Adjustable rollers protect your PWC hull by keeping it supported and off port surface
• 6’ width provides additional stability and ample space for loading and unloading
• Bow Stop included for safety while docking
• Multiple AccuPort’s can be connected together

Note: A 3% processing fee has been added to the product price. If you order more than one AccuPort you will need to purchase a connector kit.

Specifications Information
Dimensions 6′ x 12’8″
Weight 320 Pounds
Buoyancy up to 2,500 Pounds
Recommended load up to 1,250 Pounds

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