Before & After

Ransom Everglades School – Coconut Grove, Florida

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Before
Before AccuDock®

Before: The previous wooden gangway and floating dock at Ransom Everglades School located in Coral Gables, FL were both a hazard and eyesore. The wooden ramp was warping due to weather and sun damage and the floating dock sections had an inconsistent profile height due to them being water logged.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma After
After Accudock®

After: Ransom Everglades School and Summer Camp in Coral Gables, FL is located on Key Biscayne, giving it one of the most naturally beautiful school sites in the country and this custom low profile floating rowing dock compliments it perfectly. AccuDock® manufactured a custom triangular 10′ x 40′ floating dock with 6″ freeboard, Olivewood AccuDeck™, additional floatation and a transition plate to increase stability and safety.