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Floating Dock for Rowing Scull 11

By September 11, 2015
Floating Dock for Rowing Scull

The AccuDock™ floating dock is terrific – boat delivered last weekend and it worked well – working on anchoring etc- putting in small break wall to which to anchor it.
For future reference related to the Heritage boat- the cradle works very well – access to the boat is a little tight on the 4 foot width of dock section – in hind sight might have considered slightly offsetting mounting from tocenter line to give more access on one side
tocenter of “U” works great for the Heritage rowing boat- both for in and out of boat and for access to boat for fiddling the adjustments, etc.

Blue Hills, Maine – 6/5/09

Rowing Scull Floating Dock
Rowing Scull Floating Dock
Kayak Floating Dock

The dock looks fantastic and is as stable as can be ! I couldn’t wait to put my kayaks on it. When you get a chance, I will need those two additional cleats. I need them to lash the kayaks down around the tocenter.

Thanks again. I’ll make sure my neighbors call you.

Neil H. – Maryland 5/26/09

Kayak Floating Dock
Kayak Floating Dock