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Floating Dock with Storage Rack5

By September 11, 2015
Floating Dock with Storage Rack

The dock is finished and it is great. A super dock and very impressed with the dock rack to organize the paddle boards! Fits perfect, thanks again.
C.M., South Florida

Floating Dock with Rack
Floating Dock

My son loves our dock.
It has opened up a new world of access with the water. It’s hard to explain how much it improved our waterfront property. We catch shrimp and seahorses from it at night in the glow of our lights. We paddleboard and swim right off it with ease and then climb right out… no ladder needed.

Residential Dock Testimonial

I had looked into standard floating docks and they sit so high out of the water that they aren’t really practical. When I found your AccuDock, I thought there must be a catch… it wasn’t really possible. When I saw the sliders, I realized the genius of the system and decided to put one in. One of the best decisions I ever made. It has done everything as promised and more.

I installed mine myself with no help, and it was not a big deal. If you can use a level, drill and ratchet wrench, you can do it yourself. The instructions were straight forward.

Put it this way, my son gets on the dock before school in the mornings, just to check his traps or to see what creatures are crawling around the rocks.
We just didn’t have that kind of access before.
M. Bailey