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Floating Dock6

By September 11, 2015
Floating Dock

Attached is a photo of my install on a recent morning. We are very happy with the way the install turned out. We plan to dock our pontoon to it this weekend. We’ve gotten lots of compliments on it so far, with probably more to come. I’ll certainly recommend AccuDock™ to others.

Floating Dock
Floating Kayak Dock with Safe Launch

The dock is working out well. I’ve had lots of company for the last several weeks and have had lots of time to use the dock. Expect some photos from me in the next day or two and give my best to the team that installed the dock.

Englewood, Florida –

Floating Kayak Dock with Safe Launch
Floating Kayak Dock

The float is perfect for launching my kayak. As you can see from the picture the water is way below the top of the sea wall so there was no way for me to get my kayak in the water before. I store the kayak right on the float so when I want to use it I just slide it in the water, use the paddle method to get in and off I go! We also use it to get in our inflatable dinghy which we keep tied up nearby.
There is no tide here to worry about but the river flows out to Lake Michigan so there is a lot of boat traffic that creates pretty good size waves sometimes. The dock floats up and down really well with the small PVC pieces on the lines that are attached to the 4 inch PVC pipes.

We plan to pull the dock and the 4 inch pipes out of the water in the late fall since our Michigan winters can get ugly! Look up Saugatuck on a Michigan map and you’ll see where I’m located. It’s a small resort town on Michigan’s northwest coast.

Linda, Michigan

Residential Rowing Dock