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George’s Kayak Dock 12

By September 11, 2015
George’s Kayak Dock

My son John and I put the dock together in about 3 hrs. Went together very well. It looks good and works great.

Here are some pictures of the dock. Putting it together there was one problem- my phone went in the drink. Pictures include some of the kayakers here in our park.

Thanks and I wish you well,
George 28/2/09

Kayak Dock
Kayak Dock
Small Boat Dock

The installation went well. As a matter-of-fact I did it all myself…this work out just fine. The floats are GREAT! The Floats have now been in the water two weeks now with no problems.

It is situated next to another float which rolls everytime a boat wake hits it. AccuDock™ does not rock- it is extremely stable. Wife loves the stability, etc. Placed handles on the outside edge for leverage getting in and out of kayaks. They are perfect.


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