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Residential Floating Kayak Dock4

By September 11, 2015
Residential Floating Kayak Dock

I just received platform. You were totally accurate in your description. I will spread the good word about AccuDock and you to all I know on the water.

Residential Floating Dock Testimonial

I am certain more orders will be forthcoming as more of my friends see the platform. Thanks for all your help.
Regards, Bob P.
(A very happy buyer)

Residential Floating Dock

I LOVE my AccuDock. So I was VERY upset when I realized an overnight 6′ rise in the water took her away! Lifted her anchors and all and took her 6 miles down the Allegheny! Luckily a friend spotted her and I was able to get her and bring her back. I had the anchors chained to the cleats, so I had to leave them behind to get her back home, but she’s no worse for her journey and I’m glad to have her back!
Carol A.

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Residential Floating Kayak Dock

I had three local dock companies put together proposals for my kayak dock. Not one of them got it right. The designs were too ugly, or too high above the water. When I found AccuDock, I knew right away they were the experts.

Floating Kayak Dock North Carolina

We put together a great looking kayak dock for my four kayaks. I’m not the handiest guy in the world, but with only a couple of tools, I put the whole dock together in a few hours. Now, all my neighbors are ordering their AccuDocks!

Jeffrey L., NC