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Residential Floating Dock Testimonials
Decked 8’x38′ Dock with 4’x17′ Gangway

We love the dock by the way, and some of our neighbors want to get the same ones now!
Patti Reeves, President
Island Displays
Turks and Caicos

Decked 8'x38' Dock with 4'x17' Gangway

Residential Floating Dock and Ramp

Very happy with the floaters, ramp and decking!
Joe, Rumson, NJ

Floating Dock
Floating Dock
Residential Floating Dock- Kayak & Paddle Sport Dock with aluminum gangway and two tiered kayak / paddle board rack

The whole family, including Jack – our dog – is in love with our AccuDock! It's so amazing to be able to get out onto the water to kayak and paddleboard anytime we want now, not to mention all of our neighbors are TOTALLY jealous of it!
Happy Homeowner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sup and Kayak Floating Dock
Sup and Kayak Floating Dock

Residential Floating Dock- Paddle Board Dock

The staff who I worked was terrific. And he arranged for installation for us and delivered the product sooner than originally promised.
Ann C., Boca Raton, FL

Paddle Board SUP Dock
Paddle Board SUP Dock with Rack
Residential Floating Dock- Stand Up Paddleboard Dock

Everything turned out great, it's the perfect size. We should get the Boards on Saturday so looking forward to our first SUP adventure.
Dave, St. Pete Beach, FL

Sup Floating Dock
Sup Floating Dock

Residential Floating Dock- Decked Willy Dock

Staff was very helpful, and understanding of our unique situation dealing with a land/ water access legal issue. We are immensely appreciative of their helpfulness and understanding. It came out wonderful!
Anna F., Fort Myers, FL

Residential Floating Dock

Wonderful customer attention and service. We love our paddleboard dock especially the hand rail.
Sharon B. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Residential Floating Dock

Great company, great customer service, 100% positive experience start to finish.

Gar H. Royal Oak, Maryland

Residential Floating Dock

Great experience and wonderful product. Kim and AJ were both great! Thanks so much!
Doris P. Ruther Glen, VA

Residential Floating Dock

The kayak dock you installed is outstanding. In addition to being a great product, your company was prompt, courteous, fair and reliable. Those qualities are hard to find these days. I gladly and confidently recommend you to anyone!
Thanks again,
Michele T.
Lighthouse Point, Florida

Kayak Dock

Kayak Dock
Residential Floating Kayak Dock

I just received platform. You were totally accurate in your description. I will spread the good word about AccuDock and you to all I know on the water.

Residential Floating Dock Testimonial

I am certain more orders will be forthcoming as more of my friends see the platform. Thanks for all your help.
Regards, Bob P.
(A very happy buyer)

Residential Floating Dock

I LOVE my AccuDock. So I was VERY upset when I realized an overnight 6' rise in the water took her away! Lifted her anchors and all and took her 6 miles down the Allegheny! Luckily a friend spotted her and I was able to get her and bring her back. I had the anchors chained to the cleats, so I had to leave them behind to get her back home, but she's no worse for her journey and I'm glad to have her back!
Carol A.

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Residential Floating Kayak Dock

I had three local dock companies put together proposals for my kayak dock. Not one of them got it right. The designs were too ugly, or too high above the water. When I found AccuDock, I knew right away they were the experts.

Floating Kayak Dock North Carolina

We put together a great looking kayak dock for my four kayaks. I’m not the handiest guy in the world, but with only a couple of tools, I put the whole dock together in a few hours. Now, all my neighbors are ordering their AccuDocks!
Jeffrey L., NC

Floating Dock with Storage Rack

The dock is finished and it is great. A super dock and very impressed with the dock rack to organize the paddle boards! Fits perfect, thanks again.
C.M., South Florida

Floating Dock with Rack
Floating Dock

My son loves our dock.
It has opened up a new world of access with the water. It’s hard to explain how much it improved our waterfront property. We catch shrimp and seahorses from it at night in the glow of our lights. We paddleboard and swim right off it with ease and then climb right out... no ladder needed.

Residential Dock Testimonial

I had looked into standard floating docks and they sit so high out of the water that they aren't really practical. When I found your AccuDock, I thought there must be a catch... it wasn't really possible. When I saw the sliders, I realized the genius of the system and decided to put one in. One of the best decisions I ever made. It has done everything as promised and more.

I installed mine myself with no help, and it was not a big deal. If you can use a level, drill and ratchet wrench, you can do it yourself. The instructions were straight forward.

Put it this way, my son gets on the dock before school in the mornings, just to check his traps or to see what creatures are crawling around the rocks. We just didn't have that kind of access before.
M. Bailey

Floating Dock

Attached is a photo of my install on a recent morning. We are very happy with the way the install turned out. We plan to dock our pontoon to it this weekend. We've gotten lots of compliments on it so far, with probably more to come. I'll certainly recommend AccuDock™ to others.

Floating Dock

Floating Kayak Dock with Safe Launch

The dock is working out well. I've had lots of company for the last several weeks and have had lots of time to use the dock. Expect some photos from me in the next day or two and give my best to the team that installed the dock.

Englewood, Florida –

Floating Kayak Dock with Safe Launch
Floating Kayak Dock

The float is perfect for launching my kayak. As you can see from the picture the water is way below the top of the sea wall so there was no way for me to get my kayak in the water before. I store the kayak right on the float so when I want to use it I just slide it in the water, use the paddle method to get in and off I go! We also use it to get in our inflatable dinghy which we keep tied up nearby.
There is no tide here to worry about but the river flows out to Lake Michigan so there is a lot of boat traffic that creates pretty good size waves sometimes. The dock floats up and down really well with the small PVC pieces on the lines that are attached to the 4 inch PVC pipes.
We plan to pull the dock and the 4 inch pipes out of the water in the late fall since our Michigan winters can get ugly! Look up Saugatuck on a Michigan map and you'll see where I'm located. It's a small resort town on Michigan's northwest coast.

Linda, Michigan

Residential Rowing Dock
Floating Dock & Kayak Dock

Good Monday to you. Often we don't tell people "thank-you" enough. I took this photo last night standing on our dock. My son caught sand bass and catfish, we kayak'd and watched a beautiful Oklahoma sunset. Already people ask "where we got our dock".

Anyway, it is a great product and I wanted to say thanks. Have a good day.

Thank you very much once again!
Lawton, Oklahoma

Residential Rowing Dock
Residential Rowing Dock
Residential Rowing Dock

Thanks for this wonderful dock! It is ridiculously good. As the pictures show, the dock edge falls just below the gunwale of the shell. Just amazing!

This is a rower's dream come true. I would most certainly put an ad in Rowing News.
Please extend our personal thanks to all the guys that made the connectors for us. They made it seamless for us. We truly appreciate the service.
Thank you very much once again!

Sudbury, Canada

Residential Rowing Dock
Residential Rowing Dock
AccuDock Slide Assemblies

I installed the AccuDock™ slide assemblies on my floating dock this weekend. Your instructions were great and easy to follow. It took about 2 hours. The slide assemblies are a very good design, and they work great. Thanks for a great product and for all of your help.

Elkton, Maryland

Floating Rental Dock for Kayaks
Floating Dock with Aluminum Gangway on a Lake

Put the dock together and in the water in one day!
I looks great and my wife is absolutely thrilled with it.
Southbend, Indiana

Floating Dock with Kayak Slip and Gangway
Floating Dock with Kayak Slip and Gangway

Floating Dock with Kayak Slip and Gangway
Floating Rowing Boat Dock

With my new AccuDock™ 8' X 20' floating dock I am now able to easily store, launch, get into and out of my Whitehall row boat where before launching my boat was clearly a two-person operation and hard on one's back at that. The dock is well engineered and easy to assemble and with website illustrations and voice support, most anyone could install the dock!

Virginia Beach, VA

Rowing Dock
Rowing Dock
Rowing Dock
Rowing Dock
Floating Kayak Dock

A few selling points;

1) I use my kayak regardless four or five times a week, but you can see the drop off I had before the AccuDock™ float. It was a delicate dance getting both in and out. Now it's completely safe.

As a lifelong salesman I would suggest you stress the safety factor in your sale, I have to think a lot of people fall getting in and out of their boats without something like your product.

2) I do think also the average user of Kayaks would use their boats more with your dock, (another good selling feature).

3) In a set up like mine I am very tide dependent. The dock extends out an additional five feet into the water which gives me more hours of time where there's adequate water to launch and dock the boat. Results in more usable time.

Just some thoughts. It's a good product.

Thanks, Paul
Hubert, North Carolina

Kayak Dock
Kayak, Wave Runner and Small Boat Floating Dock

Attached are pics of our kayak, wave runner and small boat floating dock. Thanks to you, we can service any and all.

Kayak, Wave Runner and Small Boat Floating Dock

Tierra Verde, Florida 6/09

Floating Dock Extension

My friends put the dock in today and it looks great. They are amazed that it is so stable and they are going to recommend it to some other people they know.

Queenstown, Maryland 7/09

Floating Dock
Kayak Dock Overhead Assist Bar

We are very pleased with the purchase as the ease of getting in and out of the kayaks has made our lives easier and enjoyable for kids as well. Everyone who has had the opportunity this summer to go on the kayak have complimented the floating kayak dock with an overhead assist bar that Sal purchased. Thanks for helping to make the summer more enjoyable.

Best Regards, Adel
Howard Beach, NY 7/09

H Dock for Kayaks
Floating Dock for Rowing Scull

The AccuDock™ floating dock is terrific - boat delivered last weekend and it worked well - working on anchoring etc- putting in small break wall to which to anchor it.
For future reference related to the Heritage boat- the cradle works very well - access to the boat is a little tight on the 4 foot width of dock section - in hind sight might have considered slightly offsetting mounting from tocenter line to give more access on one side
tocenter of "U" works great for the Heritage rowing boat- both for in and out of boat and for access to boat for fiddling the adjustments, etc.
Blue Hills, Maine - 6/5/09

Rowing Scull Floating Dock
Rowing Scull Floating Dock
Kayak Floating Dock

The dock looks fantastic and is as stable as can be ! I couldn't wait to put my kayaks on it. When you get a chance, I will need those two additional cleats. I need them to lash the kayaks down around the tocenter.

Thanks again. I'll make sure my neighbors call you.

Neil H. - Maryland 5/26/09

Kayak Floating Dock
Kayak Floating Dock
George's Kayak Dock

My son John and I put the dock together in about 3 hrs. Went together very well. It looks good and works great.

Here are some pictures of the dock. Putting it together there was one problem- my phone went in the drink. Pictures include some of the kayakers here in our park.

Thanks and I wish you well,
George 28/2/09

Kayak Dock
Kayak Dock
Small Boat Dock

The installation went well. As a matter-of-fact I did it all myself...this work out just fine. The floats are GREAT! The Floats have now been in the water two weeks now with no problems.

It is situated next to another float which rolls everytime a boat wake hits it. AccuDock™ does not rock- it is extremely stable. Wife loves the stability, etc. Placed handles on the outside edge for leverage getting in and out of kayaks. They are perfect.


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