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Competition Rowing Dock

Bought dock for new rowing team. The staff was very thorough and made sure we got everything we needed to make the dock easy to use.
Amanda D., Forest Grove, Oregon

Rowing Dock Testimonials
Cape Coral Rowing Club Dock
CCRC Rowing Dock Before
CCRC Rowing Dock After

Thought you might like to see the before and after pictures of the rowing dock. We started Saturday at 7am and it was completed by 3, and ready for Sunday's practice. Everyone loves it!
The materials, engineering and craftsmanship of the dock is top notch. I was very impressed with the struts and hinges since I had no idea what to expect.

I couldn't be there for the construction, but I spent about an hour Friday evening with one of our club members unpacking, inspecting and planning a construction strategy for volunteers to follow. Having all the plastic zip lock bags labelled what belonged to what was a big help. From what I was told once they got into a rhythm, it went very smoothly.

If you ever need a recommendation to clinch a sale, I would be more than happy to supply one.

Thank you,
Cape Coral Rowing Club

Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta's World-Class Dock
Stotesbury Regatta Floating Rowing Dock

"We at Aberdeen Asset Management were delighted to invest in the production of a new state-of-the-art dock, unveiled last weekend at the 2011 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta," said Gary Marshall, the Chief Executive of Aberdeen Asset Management. "This is one of the world's leading rowing regattas: it deserves a world class showcase. The atmosphere on the dock when the winning crews received their various medals and trophies was truly a memorable one and we hope that future regattas enjoy the same experience. Plus, we didn't get our feet wet – unlike last year!"

Truly a sight to behold, the Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee’s newly constructed launch dock was a hit among crews at last weekend's Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. Stretching 416 feet down the banks of the Schuylkill with two ramps extending to the shore and two support beams harnessing it, the dock allowed all 118 universities and colleges to efficiently enter and exit the river in a streamlined fashion not often seen at a regatta the size of the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta.

Stotesbury Regatta Floating Rowing Dock

Attempting to describe the complexity of such an operation, Galloway explained, "This dock has to accommodate the heavy inbound and outbound shell traffic on a busy race schedule. We are racing six boats abreast with races going off over the race course at seven minute intervals. In a matter of 28 minutes, 24 racing shells and crews will have raced. That means the 24 crews will have all launched their shells within less than half an hour and simultaneously other crews that have already raced will have to be recovered at the dock within a similarly short period of time. If you calculate that we have eight hours of racing on Friday within this hectic schedule, you can see the absolute requirement for a first-class docking system."

"It went perfectly," he said. "Everyone was excited by how nice they looked — clean and stable — and we were able to get people in and out like clockwork."

And indeed it is. Mike Ragan, senior vice-president of the DVROC, and Ken Shaw, a former member of the DVROC board of directors and vice president of the Regatta, took the lead role in identifying available vendors for both docks. Ragan, who also serves as the chair of Regatta operations, personally visited AccuDock™ in Pompano Beach, FL, to find the exact docks required for the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. The low-profile AccuDock™ system allows the outriggers to clear the deck and for boats to slide up against the dock – making it especially easy for rowers to get in and out of their shells.

"I was looking for something that would fit all the variables that we have to contend with," Ragan said. "One is storage because they're not used everyday and two is that it has to be flexible and not need heavy equipment to install it or remove it. Because these docks are 5-by-8 foot sections at 100 pounds apiece, they fit all our needs."

After keeping a close eye on both the launch dock and the awards dock during the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, Ragan was elated by the performance.

"It went perfectly," he said. "Everyone was excited by how nice they looked — clean and stable — and we were able to get people in and out like clockwork."

Devon Boathouse, Oklahoma River
Devon Boathouse Floating Dock

When the Devon Boathouse opened on the Oklahoma River, we recognized the need for a dock that could fit the unique blueprint of our inlet. AccuDock™ worked with us to create the right pieces that fit our space while simultaneously complementing the distinctive architecture of our facilities in the Boathouse District.

Mike K. Executive Director,
OKC Boathouse Foundation

Genesee Rowing Club
Genesee Rowing Club
Genesee Rowing Club

We at Genesee Rowing Club were particularly impressed with the quality and affordability of the dock offered by AccuDock™ and with the great support the AccuDock™ team gave us while we were trying to fine-tune our needs. They were able to suggest several configurations and improvements to our preliminary design that made our purchase experience satisfying and gave us a dock that will serve the club for years to come. AccuDock™ was also helpful with coordinating delivery in an efficient and timely manner so that we could reach our ultimate goal—getting out on the water! Thanks AccuDock!

Julie C.
Genesee Rowing Club Board member

St. Andrew Rowing Club

St. Andrew Rowing Club

In the fall and winter of 2009/2010, our rowing dock on the Chattahoochee River was severely damaged by unprecedented flood waters in the Atlanta area. We patched the dock enough to make it safe for the rowers to use, and then began our search for a replacement dock. We considered all available options on the market, including building it ourselves with purchased floats and pressure treated wood. We were intrigued with the AccuDock™ product from the beginning due to its obvious rugged and long lasting construction along with the very low profile of the dock, which allows the riggers of the boats to fit comfortably above the dock when launching and retrieving. In comparing the costs of the various commercial products, AccuDock™ was the most cost effective, beating all except the build-it-ourselves option. Our club's location on the backwater of Morgan Falls Dam on the Chattahoochee River puts us under the regulatory oversight of three entities: U. S. Army Corps of Engineers; National Park Service; and Georgia Power. All three encouraged us to steer clear of pressure treated lumber if possible, so AccuDock™ was the obvious choice. We really did not want to use wood again anyway due to ongoing maintenance issues.

Georgia Tech Crew

In order to qualify the AccuDock™ product, I made phone calls to several people who had installed their dock system, and all were very complimentary of the product and the people at AccuDock™. I can now say, after our dock has been installed for nine months, that the support and patience of AccuDock™ has been the best we could have asked for. They are professional, pleasant and supportive, and I recommend the product and people of AccuDock™ to anyone considering any dock replacement, but especially for Crew Clubs. Our dock is 10 feet wide, 120 feet long with a 36-foot aluminum gangway and has served our purposes well. We have two teams rowing from the same dock; Saint Andrew Rowing Club (Junior Club) and Georgia Tech Crew Club (College Club). At times we have close to 200 rowers between the two clubs who are launching and retrieving as fast as the boats can be moved, so we needed the size and quality of this dock. None of us can imagine how we got along with the smaller (8' x 72') wooden dock we had before. In summary, AccuDock™ offered the best quality, best value and the best people to work with. We couldn't be happier with our choice.

Phil W.
St. Andrew Rowing Club
Roswell, GA

Residential Rowing Dock

Thanks for this wonderful dock! It is ridiculously good. As the pictures show, the dock edge falls just below the gunwale of the shell. Just amazing!
This is a rower's dream come true. I would most certainly put an ad in Rowing News.

Please extend our personal thanks to all the guys that made the connectors for us. They made it seamless for us. We truly appreciate the service.
Thank you very much once again!

Residential Rowing Dock
Residential Rowing Dock
Sudbury, Canada