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Rowing Testimonials
We’re loving this new AccuDock, AJ, and Charlie and his team did a great job for a very reasonable price! Thanks so much!! Tess and Jeff - Indian Harbour Beach, Florida
Bought dock for new rowing team. The staff was very thorough and made sure we got everything we needed to make the dock easy to use. Amanda D. - Forest Grove, Oregon
When the Devon Boathouse opened on the Oklahoma River, we recognized the need for a dock that could fit the unique blueprint of our inlet. AccuDock™ worked with us to create the right pieces that fit our space while simultaneously complementing the distinctive architecture of our facilities in the Boathouse District. Mike K., Executive Director - Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
We at Genesee Rowing Club were particularly impressed with the quality and affordability of the dock offered by AccuDock™ and with the great support the AccuDock™ team gave us while we were trying to fine-tune our needs. They were able to suggest several configurations and improvements to our preliminary design that made our purchase experience satisfying and gave us a dock that will serve the club for years to come. AccuDock™ was also helpful with coordinating delivery in an efficient and timely manner so that we could reach our ultimate goal—getting out on the water! Thanks, AccuDock! Julie C. - Genesee Rowing Club Board member, Rochester, New York
In order to qualify the AccuDock product, I made phone calls to several people who had installed their dock system, and all were very complimentary of the product and the people at AccuDock. I can now say, after our dock has been installed for nine months, that the support and patience of AccuDock™ has been the best we could have asked for. They are professional, pleasant and supportive, and I recommend the product and people of AccuDock™ to anyone considering any dock replacement, but especially for Crew Clubs. Our dock is 10 feet wide, 120 feet long with a 36-foot aluminum gangway and has served our purposes well. We have two teams rowing from the same dock; Saint Andrew Rowing Club (Junior Club) and Georgia Tech Crew Club (College Club). At times, we have close to 200 rowers between the two clubs who are launching and retrieving as fast as the boats can be moved, so we needed the size and quality of this dock. None of us can imagine how we got along with the smaller (8' x 72') wooden dock we had before. In summary, AccuDock™ offered the best quality, best value and the best people to work with. We couldn't be happier with our choice. Phil W. - St. Andrew Rowing Club, Roswell, Georgia
First off, we'd like to let you know that your product is as advertised and we're very happy with the quality, craftsmanship, and appeal of the dock and ramps Secondly, there are many thanks to distribute. Collectively, patience with the approval and shipping delays. Thanks too for the partial pre-assembly option. 1. Thank you Jason, for working with PWCA on a payment plan, de-conflicting the how-to connect the hinge with another manufacturers floating dock, and the recommendation for Wolf decking. 2. Thank you Brittany Thornton for a positive sales experience, including a good caring attitude, continued and rapid correspondence, providing deck samples, good follow up, providing installation instructions, how-to's on unloading from the delivery truck. 3. Thank you Brittany Shell for shipping the concrete hinges ahead of time, diligently seeking a delivery truck for a holiday weekend delivery, continued and rapid correspondence, and photos of the loaded dock sections and ramps. Mark McNamara - Prince William Crew - Woodbridge, Virginia